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Acura Wiring Diagrams


Acura MDH was equipped with two petrol engines 3.5 (256 HP) and 3.7 (300 HP). The main advantage of these motors is the VTEC system, which expands the maximum torque range from 2000 to 5000 rpm, and also reduces harmful emissions. Also, MDH can boast of low fuel consumption (an average of 12-15 liters per 100 km in city mode). As operating experience has shown, the engines are very reliable, and in order for the motor to work without failures, it is enough to carry out maintenance on time. The oil should be changed at least once every 10-12 thousand km.

To avoid serious problems with the engine, it is necessary to adjust the thermal clearances of the valves every 100,000 km; on the same run, the timing gear drive also requires attention (the timing belt and rollers need to be replaced). Spark plugs, provided that high-quality fuel is used, will last up to 50,000 km. Cleaning the fuel injectors and throttle assembly is required once a year.

The most common engine is 3.7, despite the fact that this engine does not have injection systems and a turbine that are fashionable today, it confidently accelerates the car both in the city and on the highway, not inferior in dynamics to more powerful cars. In the secondary market, this motor is not to be afraid of, since it has a good resource to the "capital".

Acura MDH was equipped with a five-speed (until 2010) and six-speed (since 2010) hydromechanical automatic transmission. The owners of the car of the first years of production often faced incorrect operation of the transmission (jerking jerks when switching), this is due to a software failure of the transmission control unit and the failure of hydraulic lifters. In cars operating in a metropolis, transmission overheating often occurs. After restyling, the manufacturer replaced the problematic unit with a six-speed gearbox, which turned out to be more reliable and rarely presents unpleasant surprises to the owners. In order to extend the life of the gearbox, it is recommended to change the oil in it at least once every 60,000 km, while it is advisable to use only high-quality lubricants.


The car is equipped with a plug-in all-wheel drive, the reliability of the all-wheel drive system does not cause serious complaints, but only if you do not use the car as a full-fledged SUV. The electronic clutch is very afraid of overheating, and if you constantly storm off-road, then expensive transmission repairs cannot be avoided.

Problem areas undercarriage Acura MDx

This model has excellent driving characteristics - comfort, smoothness, handling. This is facilitated by the multi-link suspension, which is installed not only at the front, but also at the rear. The disadvantages of this combination include only the high cost of repairing the chassis. Traditionally, for modern cars, stabilizer struts and bushings are considered consumables; their resource, with careful operation, does not exceed 50,000 km. Ball joints, front shock absorbers and thrust bearings, on average, take care of 70-90 thousand km. The front and rear levers are hardy enough and can last 150-170 thousand km. The rear shock absorbers have a stiffness control system and are afraid of "speed bumps", if you often move them without slowing down, replacing the shock absorbers may be necessary after 30,000 km.


Despite its heavy weight (2 tons), the Acura MDX is driven like a passenger sedan with sporty habits, while the steering mechanism is quite reliable and, as a rule, does not present surprises up to 150,000 km. Tie rods and tips require replacement every 100-120 thousand km. The biggest drawback of the brake system is the rapid wear of the discs, they have to be changed almost simultaneously with the pads, every 40-50 thousand km. Many owners solve the problem by replacing conventional discs with perforated ones.

Top 5 Acura models of all time

Since its American debut in 1986, it has been one of the most popular Japanese luxury brands. Acura is best known as the luxury version of Honda because they are made from Honda parts but designed for luxury consumers. Due to Acura’s exceptional luxury status and superior reliability and manufacturing, I have decided to list the best Acura vehicles ever made.


1.) Acura Legend is by far one of the most popular cars Acura has ever made. It was the flagship sedan from 1986-1995, but the most popular model, which debuted in 1991, was the big winner of the flag. The car was best known for driving high-status participants, including many celebrities. Rapper Notorious BIG often rapped about riding in his Acura Legend.


2.) Acura NSX is the fastest Acura ever made. It was produced between 1990 and 2005, but there are rumors that Acura will relaunch it. The car is very rare and the high initial cost makes it difficult to use. The car is one of the few rear wheel drive Acuras of all time. Acura NSX can start at around $80,000.


3.) Acura TL – The Acura TL debuted in 1996 as a replacement for the previous generation Acura Vigor. TL is still in production today, and for estimated retail sales of around $35,000-$40,000, it is still owned by luxury consumers, albeit at the lower end of the spectrum. The TL is by far Acura’s best selling model for a reason. The latest models were redesigned in 2004 and since then there have been little changes in appearance. If I had to buy an Acura today (I already own an Acura Legend, my favorite car of all time), that would be enough.


4.) Acura Integra – The Acura Integra is still widely used on the road, even though production of the car was stopped in 2007. The car originally debuted in 1985 as a front wheel drive sports car. The car was available in coupe and sedan versions, and is now widely available to young children who have customized the car with both technical features and body modifications.


5.) Acura TSX – The Acura TSX is still on the market and has just undergone a major makeover. It is known as the luxury base car offered by Acura and usually sells for around $30,000. The car was introduced in 2003 and has been very popular ever since. The car is slightly sportier than some of the other Acura sedans, so this car is more popular with the younger generation that can afford it.

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