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E-Sys is an engineering software that is designed to work with BMW modules 3 main functions that can be done with E-Sys we will have: the first most common is the usual coding. Those. changing the module parameters, for example, turning on the sports display, turning on the video in motion, and so on, the second most popular is changing the car's configuration, let's add a sports box, add a com-box, new tidy, and so on, and the third is the firmware of the modules themselves , i.e., uploading software there.

With the help of E-sys, you can also work with AFC codes and so on, there are still some nuances, but remember the three main ones, this should be enough for you. In order for E-Sys to work correctly for you, you must have the correct databases. My E-Sys is in standard directories, the path is visible here, everything is configured by default.


Databases: there are nuances here, databases are stored in the date folder on drive C and there should be such a folder as psdzdata. In order to encode, the light version is enough for you, i.e. not a complete database. If you want to update the module and upgrade the firmware, etc. Then you need a complete database.


I always use the full database. As you can see, since this database is in the region of 100 gigabytes. I work both E-Sys and ISTA-P and so on. And I have an SSD drive on my hard drive, more precisely, on a laptop, of course, the resource is limited, and storing this database in a double-triple copy is irrational. Therefore, I made a link system, my entire database is stored only via ISTA-P, the rest of the programs refer to this database and everything is perfectly flashed, everything works, so use it, it's very convenient.

E-Sys 3.30.1 + E-Sys Launcher PRO v2.8.1 + Token Download

BimmerCode Features

BimmerCode allows you to change almost all available parameters of your car, and it does not require E-Sys skills.

BimmerCode 2.20.2 (dated 04/22/2020) is available (hacked, Android only). This program is presented for informational purposes only. To support developers and encourage them to make updates, buy the program in the official store!

Download BimmerCode

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