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Haval H5

The Haval H5 frame SUV is not new to the market, it was previously introduced as the Great Wall Hover H5, later as the DW Hower H5. In 2020, after a two-year break, Great Wall, which owns the Haval brand, decided to reincarnate the model under a new brand and launch local assembly of the SUV. It cannot be said that the model is some kind of legendary, as some publications write about it, but it has its own audience, and in its best years it even entered the top 10 best-selling models of Chinese brands on the market.


Externally, Haval H5, if it differs from its predecessors, then at a minimum. I've seen the Great Wall Hover H5 on the road and it looks a lot like our Haval H5 today. The design of the model is already clearly outdated, although even at the time of the release of the original model in 2011, it was not at the peak of trends. A high body with a chopped stern, a sloping hood, large blocks of halogen headlights and completely outdated door handles with a bottom grip.

I don’t know, in 2020, for almost that kind of money, I already want to see something more modern in terms of design, although if you look at the market for frame SUVs, almost all manufacturers use their old developments to the last.


The interior design looks the same as in grandpa's car, but everything here is a little fresher and more relevant than outside. Visually, the interior is quite pleasant, the Chinese tried to make the buyer like it outwardly, but in fact, it is some kind of cardboard, all the plastic is thin and hard, although there are no special questions about assembly. At the time of testing the Haval H5, I took a new Hyundai Solaris for two days, and now the Korean was much nicer than the Chinese, even taking into account the fact that the Solaris is one of the most affordable cars on the market and the manufacturer tried to save a lot in it.


Landing in an off-road car is high, but it’s nice that it’s not vertical, but you can sit back a little in your chair. Of the unpleasant, I note short wipers that leave a large uncleaned area on top, and it is at the eye level of a tall driver. But there are no other complaints about visibility, the pillars are thin, the side mirrors are large, and even the interior rear-view mirror gives a good overview.


In terms of comfort, the car, of course, is not the best, here is the vibration at idle, which passes through the cabin and is felt by all passengers, and noise, albeit uncritical, while driving. The suspension copes well with large irregularities, for example, allowing speed bumps to pass very gently at low speed, but at the same time it collects all the small defects in the canvas and transfers them to the salon. And on the road, littered with patches, at a speed of 60 km / h, I immediately remembered this well-known video, chatting very much.

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