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Audi: 10 interesting facts

1) The founder of the company Audi is August Horch. In the early 20th century he registered a trademark named Horch, however, by that time there was already a company with that name. The thing is that in August Horch had already worked, but he was expelled from there, Horch decided to sue the company, thereby wanting to sue the name, but the court decided differently. August Horch could use the word "Listen", but it must be written in Latin, so Audi appeared

2) If you think that the two letters TT in the car, respectively, Audi TT do not mean anything, it's not quite true. TT- one of the races in Britain, as well as the name of the classic racing car NSU TT

3) Emblem for Audi came up during the reign of Hitler. It's no secret that Audi was any Fiihrer's car, while Hitler planned that in the future this company would become the number one in the world, however, this has nothing to do with the modern sign, and so, the classic trademark resembles a planet with a figure one that symbolizes the first brand among the rest. But with respect to the four rings on modern cars, this speaks of four founding firms.

4) Audi first in the world guessed to make an excursion to its own plant in the computer world. Together with the company PlayStation, they embodied this idea in reality


5) Audi is renowned for its efficiency in removing torque from engine capacity. So, there is an internal combustion engine installed on the AUDI A3, which has a volume of 1.21 liters, but the horsepower produces about 110, which makes it possible to develop a speed of up to 190 km / h


6) Surprisingly, Audi is in high demand among young people up to 30 years of age in Germany, at the same time, in a country where there is a BMW, which is less conservative in design, and VW, which is much cheaper

7) Audi had a much better case when it was in the concern VAG (VW), before that it owned by Daimler. This brand later became one of the most important competitors


8) The bodies of some Audi are galvanized, which allows the car to maintain its excellent appearance for years


9) Audi invented the world's first car that accelerated the speed of 200 km / h at a distance equal to 1 km;


10) In 1993, the so-called Audi Group was created which absorbed SEAT, Automobili Lamborghini other well-known companies