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Toyota Avensis 20017

Toyota Avensis ZZT250, ZZT251, AZT250, CDT250 series general information

Headlight adjustment

Dynamic Suspension Vehicles

1. Adjust the suspension in accordance with the normal height of the body when driving. Refer to the literature for the owner. All cars

2. Place the vehicle on a flat, level surface.

3. Make sure that the tire pressure is within specifications and there is no abnormal loading of the vehicle.

4. Repeatedly use the headlight tilt adjustment system, and then set the headlight tilt adjustment switch to position 0.

5. Turn the dipped beam headlights on.

6. Set the measuring screen of the equipment to adjust the direction of light to the position corresponding to the correct adjustment of the headlights.

7. Adjust the headlamps so that the boundary line is in contact with the horizontal line.

8. Part of the diffused low beam headlamps may be above the 15 degree line.


After adjusting the horizontal axis, it may be necessary to further adjust the vertical axis.


Adjust the headlamps so that the line of lifting the boundary line lies at the intersection of the horizontal line and the line of 15 degrees (the left-hand drive car is shown).


(a) Remove the blown fuse and disconnect all fuse loads.

(b) Connect the pilot light in place of the fuse.

(c) Set the conditions in which the indicator lamp lights up.


[A] - ignition ON SW

[B] - Ignition SW and SW 1 on

[C] - ignition ON SW, SW 1 and relay (relay connection) and SW 2 are switched off (or turn off SW 2)

(d) Disconnect and reconnect the connectors while viewing the indicator lamp. A short circuit between the connector where the pilot light is on and the connector in which the light goes out.

(e) Find the exact location of the short circuit by gently shaking the problem wire along the body.


(a) Do not open the cover or the ECU housing, if absolutely necessary. (If the IC contacts are connected, the IC can be destroyed by static electricity.)

(b) When replacing the internal mechanism (ECU part) of the digital meter, be careful that no part of your body or clothing contacts the terminals from the IC, etc. of the spare part.

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Toyota Avensis Workshop Manuals

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Toyota Avensis AZT250,ZZT250,ZZT251,CDT250 Series

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