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Interesting facts about Alfa Romeo

1. First name


The abbreviation ALPHA comes from "Anonima Fabbrica Automobili Lombarda", which can be translated as "Lombard Joint Stock Company for the production of cars." The region of Lombardy is located in the center of Milan, Italy. The company was founded by the Frenchman Alexandre Darrac (Alexandre Darracq). In 1920, he added the name Romeo, which was given in honor of the director of the company Nicola Romeo.


2. Le Mans


Machines of the Italian company have many victories in the "Le Mans" race. The model Alfa Romeo 8C is dominant in the 30s of last century. She achieved four victories (1931-1934). This is more than the total for BMW, McLaren and Mazda, as well as more than twice as much as for Bugatti.


3. Four-leaf clover


It was first used in 1923. Racer team Hugo Sivocchi glued a 4-leaf clover to his Alfa Romeo RL before the competition in Palermo. The talisman brought success. It was also the first victory of the company in the races, held on the blocked civil roads. Another curious thing, Sivocchi died in a car accident a year later by car, which did not have a "lucky clover". Since then, the brand has used this talisman on all competitive models.


4. Relationships with Ferrari


Enzo Ferrari began his racing career as a pilot namely Alfa Romeo. According to many experts, without Alfa Romeo there would be no Ferrari. Recall that Enzo organized his legendary company in 1929.


5. Technologies


The company Alfa Romeo independently designed its first motor with a phase gas distribution. For the first time this system was used in the engine Spider in 1980.