Bentley Repair and Service PDF Manuals

Like many other well-known brands, the company Bentley Motors received the name of the founder - in this case, Walter Bentley. This talented engineer and a real fan of auto racing wanted to create a real monster, who would not be equal on a racing track. This is now called Bentley in the majority of associations with powerful, but very massive and rather slow dreadnoughts. But the first cars of the company could boast only an exceptional technical component. Bentley little worried about the luxury and body design, so that there was not the most important part of the sports car, he put forward only one requirement - that everything was assembled tightly.



Officially, the company was founded in 1919. And immediately attracted attention by presenting at the exhibition in London the Bentley 3L model. "3L" meant that the volume of the four-cylinder engine of this miracle is 3 liters. On sale the car appeared in 1921. It can not be said that he enjoyed insane popularity, because between him and the ordinary motorist there was an excessively high, though justified, cost. Bentley Motors made a broad gesture, giving all its models a five-year warranty. "B", hovering over the radiator grille. Even more powerful, even more expensive and still with grotesque-spartan salons. To keep afloat was possible due to victories in motor racing, like "24 hours of Le Mans", which provided good advertising and attracted additional buyers.



To date, Bentley Motors is part of the Volkswagen Group, which it entered in 1998.

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