Ford F150/F250/F350/F450  Workshop manuals EWD

Ford F150/ F250/ F350/ F450 Repair and maintenance manual, oil and filter change procedure, wiring diagrams, circuit diagram, body repair, engine and transmission diagnostics, error codes list, fuse diagram. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free

Please note that the manuals can be interchanged, that is, if you need something for the Ford F250 and there is no manual you need, you can probably find it in the manual for the F150

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Ford F-150. Pickup for all times

The Ford F-150 is one of the most famous pickup trucks in the US, where this vehicle format is extremely popular. In many ways, it is the standard of the pickup segment, combining all their main qualities. Therefore, all other pickups were designed with an eye on him, but it was always difficult to compete with this monster. The F-150 is rightly called "America's Ultimate Pickup Truck" and belongs to a series of full-size pickup trucks produced by the Ford Motor Company for over seventy years. Strictly speaking, the car with the name "F-150" was introduced in 1975. Prior to this, such tracks were the basic models of the F-series.


Ford introduced the F-Series cars in 1947, first calling them the "Bonus-Built". The 150 was put on a cargo platform and it immediately surpassed its competitors in the key quality for working pickups - carrying capacity. Line 1947–1948 became the first post-war Ford trucks. Recall that Ford closed all civilian auto production during World War II, concentrating on cars for the US Army and allies. For military vehicles, the main ones were unpretentiousness, durability and ease of repair. These are good qualities for a civilian car, but clearly not enough to become in demand in peacetime.


So Ford, through the Million-Dollar Cab program, designed a large, spacious and comfortable cab. He designed a lighter control system, for a softer ride, for the first time, he used double-acting telescopic shock absorbers. I placed comfort elements in the cab that were not previously installed on trucks, for example, a sun visor on the driver's side. The first representative of the F series was produced in eight versions, from postal cars to buses.


2 generation

Produced from 1953 to 1956. Now the trucks were called not "Bonus-Built", but "Triple Economy". From this generation, Ford began marking pickup trucks with a three-digit index: F-100 (half-ton), F-250 (750 kg), F-350 (1 ton) and medium trucks from F-500 to F-900. The F-100 pickup already looked different and acquired several progressive elements: an adjustable seat, heavy-duty brakes, an automatic transmission and seat belts (as an option).


3 generation

The third generation Ford F-Series was produced from 1957 to 1960. There were no significant technical differences from the previous generation. But on the other hand, the exterior has changed a lot: pumped wings and a swollen hood have disappeared. The Ford F-100 has been rebuilt, with modern, more streamlined features and twin headlights.


4 generation

Since 1960, the fourth generation Ford F-series has been produced for 6 years. The pickup became lower and wider, the twin headlights disappeared and the next 50 years did not appear on these cars. The list of versions included a camper and Ranger, a popular luxury trim option, which then became traditional and even iconic in other Ford models.

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