KIA Ceed Repair Manual, Wiring Diagrams

KIA Ceed / Pro Ceed Repair and Maintenance Manual, wiring diagramsengine and transmission diagnostics, error codes, fuse locations. The procedure for changing the oil and filter, replacing the brake fluid and brake pads. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free. Manuals for cars: Stonic, Cadenza, Rio, Sorento, Amanti, Borrego, Optima, Forte, Rondo, Sportage, Sedona, Niro, Spectra, Carnival, Ceed / Pro Ceed, Stinger, Venga, Carens.

2018 MapCare Update Manual for Dealer Kia Ceed V1 Download

  • Downloading the map updates
  • Creating your Service Tool Kit
  • Updating the vehicles
  • Release Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

2018 MapCare Update Manual for Dealer Kia V1.4 Download

Kia Ceed Vehicle Communication Manual Download

Kia Ceed Manual Download

Kia Ceed Service Manual Download

Kia Cee'd 5P (Ficha de Produto) Download

Kia Ceed 2007 2009 Download

2009-2012 Kia Ceed D 2.0 TCI-D Service Repair Manual + Schematic Diagrams

General information Download

Body (Interior and Exterior) Download

Body Electrical System Download

Brake System Download

Clutch System Download

Driveshaft and axle Download

Engine Electrical System Download

Engine Mechanical System Download

Fuel system Download

Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning Manual Download

Transaxle System Download

Restraint Download

Steering System Download

Suspension System Download

2010 Kia Cee’d Owner’s Manual Download

Kia Cee’d wiring diagrams Fuse box

Kia Cee’d wiring diagrams ABS – ECU Connector Input-Output Download

Kia Cee’d wiring diagrams ABS (1) Download

Kia Cee’d wiring diagrams ABS (2) Download

Kia Cee’d wiring diagrams ABS (3) Download

Kia Ceed Radio Wiring Diagram – New Download

Kia Ceed Radio Wiring Diagram Download

Kia Ceed Body 2009-2012 Electrical System Download

Kia Ceed 2009-2012 Engine Electrical System Download

Kia Ceed 2009-2012 Schematic Diagrams Download

KIA Cee’d (ED; 2007-2012) fuses
Fuse Box Diagram KIA Cee'd (ED; 2007-201
Adobe Acrobat Document 554.1 KB
Kia Cee'd: Fuse/relay panel description / Inner fuse panel
Kia Cee'd - Inner fuse panel - Fuse_rela
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB

KIA Ceed Error Codes list

Kia: Accessing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Models up to 95)
Kia: Reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Clearing Trouble Codes
Kia: Diagnostic Trouble Codes OBD1
Common OBD2 Codes
Kia Diagnostic Trouble Codes by Model
Kia OBD_OBD2 Codes – Trouble Codes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 147.1 KB

KIA Ceed

When the first generation of “Koreans” came out, motorists saw the letters “SW” on the body, meaning Sporty Wagon - a sports station wagon. Although the front part remained from the previously released hatchback, the manufacturer redesigned the stern beyond recognition: the rear part became longer by a record 235 mm. The design has also changed dramatically, in which in 2010 (the moment of restyling the model) even more improvements were made. The result was a very popular car in its segment - a worthy competitor to many European models.


A catchy exterior with many eye-catching details.

Reliable power plants of petrol versions. The 2-liter version proved to be the best engine. But units with a volume of 1.4 liters and 1.6 liters with a timing chain drive also have a rather long service interval.

Fuel economy. A two-liter engine spends 7.5 liters outside the city, a 1.4-liter - 5.5 liters. In the village, these engines consume, respectively, 11 liters and 8.1 liters of fuel. Diesel versions save even better: highway - up to 5 liters, city - up to 8 liters.

Durable automatic transmission. A box with a torque converter with a good inspection serves at least 300 thousand kilometers.

Spacious ergonomic interior. Riders use many convenient little things: niches, adjustments. In the interior decoration of the "Kia Seed" in 2008, soft, pleasant plastic is used at hand.

Roomy trunk. Hatchback users can have 380 liters of cargo space or 1318 liters with the rear sofas folded down. For wagon owners, the figures are 528 and 1642 liters, respectively.


Over the decade of using Kia Ceed 2008, the shortcomings of the model were exposed:


Paintwork. The Koreans did not pay due attention to corrosion protection. The main components and connections (but not the entire body) are coated with zinc metal, which is weaker than galvanized and hot-dip galvanized. This type of protection resists mechanical stress well, but poorly protects body parts from rust. The paintwork has an easily scratched soft structure, which is traditional for the "Koreans".

Mechanical gearbox. The weak link of the unit is the clutch, which after 80 thousand km on the speedometer requires the replacement of certain spare parts.

head optics. Low beam lamps do not meet modern safety requirements: drivers have long been accustomed to high-quality xenon or LED lighting.

Noise isolation. Riders have to speak in raised tones - external noise interferes, especially from under the wheel arches.


"Kia Seed" 2008 is equipped with power plants running on gasoline:


  • 1.4 G4FA. A four-valve 109-horsepower engine paired with a 5-speed “mechanics” develops a power moment of 137 Nm. Accelerates to 100 km per hour in 11.7 seconds.
  • 1.6 G4FC. At first, the unit developed 115 "horses", then the power was raised to 122 hp. With. Acceleration - 11.1 seconds to 100 km. The engine is paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission.
  • 2.0 G4GC. Engine power - 143 horsepower, in tandem with it is a transmission to choose from: 6MKPP or 4AKPP. Power moment - 186 Nm, you can reach a speed of 100 km / h in 10.7 seconds.
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