Hyundai Error Codes

Hyundai Error Codes list DTC
Hyundai Error Codes list DTC

Self-diagnosis of a Hyundai car without the use of computer equipment

Hyundai error codes are considered for the following car models:

  • Accent ;
  • AX35;
  • Elantra ;
  • Getz ;
  • Grand Starex;
  • I30;
  • I40;
  • IX35;
  • IX55;
  • Porter;
  • Santa Fe Classic;
  • Solaris;
  • Sonata;
  • Terracan;
  • Tucson.

Deciphering two-digit codes

10 This code on Hyundai machines indicates an increased pulse recorded in the electrical circuit of the mass air flow controller

13 Air pressure controller failure

16 Pulse from airflow pressure regulator out of range

19 Too low input pulse on the power wire of the flowmeter


Malfunction of the climate control system, possible causes of failure:


breakdown of the relay of the air conditioning system;

clogging of the pipes through which the coolant circulates;

violation of tightness or damage to one of the lines of the air conditioning system;

malfunction of the climate control unit;

failure of the compressor device or its incorrect operation.

22 Increased signal on the airflow pressure sensor line

25 Failure or poor connection of the intake air temperature controller

28 Inlet temperature sensor pulse out of performance range

31 Reduced signal fixed on the intake temperature sensor line

37 Faulty antifreeze temperature controller

40 The coolant temperature sensor gives an incorrect signal to the engine control unit

49 Throttle position controller failure A

61 Antifreeze temperature too low for closed loop control of the cooling system

82 Faulty second oxygen controller installed in the first bank of the engine

97 Failure of the heating component of the second oxygen regulator located in the first bank

How to diagnose an error?

Self-diagnosis of a Hyundai car without the use of computer equipment is performed as follows:

  • On a car with the power unit turned off, the ignition system is activated; for this, the key is scrolled to the “ACC” position. After the user needs to count three seconds.
  • Over the next five seconds, the driver depresses the accelerator pedal up to a maximum of five times.
  • After the last pedal press, the user releases the pedal and counts seven seconds.
  • Then the pedal is pressed again until it stops. It must be held in this position until the malfunction indicator light starts blinking.
  • The pedal is released, the breakdown code is read. If the blinking of the indicator is 4 series ten times, this indicates code 0000, which indicates that there are no malfunctions in the car.

Error reading example: code 0102 consists of 10 fast blinks, then one blink, ten flashes, two blinks and a pause. After the control unit issues all errors, their output will start again, in a circle. The ignition system can be turned off.


Hyundai diagnostics using a computer will show a more accurate result, unlike the self-test method. But to implement this method, the user will need a laptop with a good battery (if there is no outlet in the garage), as well as special software. If possible, a special scanner can be used, but such equipment is usually only available at specialized service stations.


Checking using a computer is performed as follows:

  1. The laptop is connected to the OBD diagnostic block located in the car. The outlet may be under the ashtray, next to the fuse box, or elsewhere. The location of the connector should be specified in the service documentation for the car. A special cable is used for connection.
  2. The computer turns on. You must wait until the laptop is synchronized with the car.
  3. The software starts up on the computer. After start-up, the user needs to select the type of diagnostics. Depending on the utility, the program can check all vehicle systems at once or only some of them, for example, electronics and gearbox. After selecting the required item, the check begins.
  4. Upon completion, the program will issue a list of faults that are subject to decryption and elimination.

How to reset the error?

It is necessary to delete the error code from the memory of the control unit only after the malfunction has been eliminated. Otherwise, the code will be erased, but the problem will remain.


The reset procedure is as follows:


Before performing the task, you must turn off the ignition system for at least 10 seconds.

Then the key is scrolled to the "ACC" position. Without starting the engine, the user needs to count three seconds.

Over the next 5 sec. the gas pedal is squeezed out five times until it stops on the floor. After the last press, seven seconds must be counted.

Then the gas is again squeezed out to the floor. The reading of the fault code will begin, at this moment the user must press the pedal all the way and release it.

The ignition in the car is turned off, after which the power unit is started. Information about the error code should disappear from the memory of the control unit.


If diagnostics are performed using a computer, then an easier option to erase errors is to delete them through the program. The utility has a special menu for resetting the memory of the control unit.


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