Daihatsu Trouble codes

Diagnostic system Description

The electronic control unit has a built-in self-diagnostic system, which continuously monitors the state of the engine by sensor signals.

In the event of a malfunction, this system identifies it and informs the driver about it with a signal that is indicated by an indicator

"CHECK ENGINE" ("check engine") located on the instrument cluster. The diagnostic code can be determined using a scanner connected to the diagnostic connector "DLC3" and using the "Flash" codes (independently without an instrument). The system produces information when a malfunction is detected in

1) Fuel vapor control system and its components 2) Components of power unit control. 3) Electronic control unit.

At the same time, the corresponding diagnostic code (ISO standard and manufacturer codes) is recorded in the computer memory. If the fault is not detected again during three driving cycles, the indicator automatically goes out, but the fault code is stored in the memory.

Indicator "CHECK ENGINE"


1.The indicator "CHECK ENGINE" warning sign on the instrument cluster, lights up when the ignition is on when the engine is not running.

2. After starting the engine, the indicator should go out. If the indicator continues to light up, it means that the diagnostic system warns about failures in the engine or automatic transmission and their systems.

How to read "Flash" DTCs


1. Check the initial conditions.

a) Battery voltage not lower than 11V

b) Throttle fully closed

c) Gearbox control lever in neutral position (automatic transmission selector in position "P")

d) additional equipment switches in the off position (OFF)

e) the engine is heated to normal operating temperature.

2. Turn on the ignition but do not start the engine. The indicator "CHECK ENGINE" should be lit

3. Turn the ignition key to the OFF position (off). With a jumper, close the pins "12" and "4" of the diagnostic connector; the fault indicator should start flashing

Note if blinking is not observed, then the diagnostic connector pins are not closed

Fault codes of gasoline engines (Toyota \ Daihatsu)

Self-diagnosis codes are read by the number of flashes of the "CHECK ENGINE" indicator with closed "TE1" - "E1" terminals of the DLC1 connector under the hood or "TC" - "CG" of the DLC3 connector under the dashboard, usually to the left of the driver's foot (if the car is left hand drive and vice versa)

We must look at the bottom, where the hood release lever. Trapezoidal Diagnostic Connector

12 - Crankshaft Position Sensor (P0335)

13 - Crankshaft Position Sensor (P0335, P1335)

14 - Ignition system, coil number 1 (P1300) and number 4 (P1315)

15 - Ignition system, coil №2 (P1305) and №3 (P1310)

16 - Automatic Transmission Control System

18 - System VVT-i - phase (P1346)

19 - Accelerator pedal position sensor (P1120)

19 - Accelerator pedal position sensor (P1121)

21 - Oxygen sensor (P0135)

22 - Coolant temperature sensor (P0115)

24 - Intake air temperature sensor (P0110)

25 - Oxygen sensor - lean signal (P0171)

27 - Oxygen sensor №2

31 - Absolute pressure sensor (P0105, P0106)

34 - Turbocharging system

35 - Turbocharger pressure sensor

36 - CPS Sensor (P1105)

39 - VVT-i System (P1656)

41 - Throttle Position Sensor (P0120, P0121)

42 - Vehicle speed sensor (P0500)

43 - Starter Signal

47 - position sensor additional throttle

49 - Fuel Pressure Sensor (D-4) (P0190, P0191)

51 - Breaker Status

52 - Knock Sensor (P0325)

53 - Knock signal

55 - Knock sensor №2

58 - Drive SCV (D-4) (P1415, P1416, P1653)

59 - VVT-i signal (P1349)

71 - EGR System (P0401, P0403)

78 - fuel pump (D-4)

89 - ETCS Drive (P1125, P1126, P1127, P1128, P1129, P1633)

92 - Cold start nozzle (D-4) (P1210)

97 - Spray Nozzles (D-4) (P1215)

98 - Vacuum sensor in the vacuum brake booster (C1200)


This is the main typical set when operating a car in the wrong mode ...

31 - P0105 Absolute pressure sensor in the intake manifold

43 - P0110 Intake air temperature sensor

42 - P0115 Coolant Temperature Sensor

41 - P0120 Throttle Position Sensor

21 - P0130 Front oxygen sensor

23 - P0135 Front Heater Oxygen Heater

22 - P0136 Rear oxygen sensor

25 - P0171 Poor Mix Signal

26 - P0172 Signal rich mixture

18 - P0325 Knock sensor

13 - P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor

14 - Р0340 Camshaft Position Sensor

16 - P0350 Ignition system failure

16 - P0351 misfire at target number 1

16 - P0352 misfire at target number 2

16 - P0353 misfire in the tsilindra number 3

16 - P0354 misfire in the cylinder number 4

27 - Р0420 Low efficiency of catalytic converter

76 - P0443 EVAP valve malfunction

52 - Р0500 speed sensor

71 - P0505 Idle Speed Control System

44 - Р0535 Temperature sensor behind the evaporator

75 - P1346 VVT system

73 - P1349 VVT system

62 - P1351 VVT system

54 - P1510 Starter System

83 - P1600 signal immobilizer

81 - P1601 Immobilizer Chain

74 - P1656 Valve VVT

82 - U0101 Signal from the CVT unit

86 - U0121 Signal ABS control unit

87 - U0156 Instrument Cluster Signal

85 - U1000 Automatic control unit signal

88 - U1002 CAN bus

Automatic control system malfunction codes


55 - P0705 Start disable switch-open circuit

56 - P0705 Trigger Prohibit Switch-Short Circuit

38 - Р0710 Automatic Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor - open circuit or short circuit in the circuit

37 - Р0715 Sensor of rotational speed of input shaft; Gearbox-open circuit

42 - Р0720 Output speed sensor CAT-break in the circuit

86 - Р0725 Engine Crankshaft Rotation Sensor - open circuit

61 - P0753 Solenoid valve №1 - open circuit or short circuit in the circuit

62 - P0758 Solenoid valve №2 - open circuit or short circuit in the circuit

63 - Р0763 Solenoid valve № 3-open circuit or short circuit in the circuit

64 - P0768 Solenoid valve for partial lock-up of the torque converter - open circuit or short circuit in the circuit

65- P0773 Solenoid valve blocking torque converter - open circuit or short circuit in the circuit

72 - P1703 No torque converter lock

31 - P1706 Engine torque-error

41 - P1711 Throttle Position Sensor Signal Error

21 - Р1730 Automatic power supply system failure

22 - Р1731 Automatic Sensor Power Supply System - Fault

66 - P1780 Switching solenoid valve (SR) - open circuit or short circuit in the circuit

82 - U0100 Engine management system - data reception error (CAN data bus)

85 - U0101 Engine Management System - send data error (CAN data bus)