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The new Audi A7 first appeared before the world public at a special event in Ingolstadt on October 19, 2017. In fact, the model is a full-fledged second generation, not the next scheduled restyling. To distinguish a novelty from the predecessor will not be difficult. Stylish angular headlights headlong, flaunting elegant sections of daytime running lights. The grille has a hexagonal shape and is made in the corporate style. It consists of a set of thin horizontally oriented ribs and flaunts the manufacturer's logo. On each side of it, on the front bumper, there are special grooves with plastic inserts, giving the front an aggressive look. In general, the car received a swift and modern design, but at the same time it has not lost its family features and is still well recognized on the road.



Audi A7 is a premium four-door liftback E class. Its overall dimensions are: length 4969 mm, width 1908 mm, height 1422 mm, and wheelbase - 2926 mm. Audi A7 is built on the modular platform MLB EVO, derived from the flagship sedan A8. Suspension is fully independent multi-link, for an additional fee can be equipped with a sports package or pneumatic elements with adaptive shock absorbers.


The Audi A7 luggage rack can please a good amount of space. With raised backs of the second row of seats, there are up to 535 liters of free space behind. Thanks to this volume, the car perfectly fits for everyday tasks of the city dweller and at any moment can start on a long trip with an abundance of luggage and several passengers on board. If, on a whim of fate, the car owner needs to take on board a larger cargo, he can always sacrifice the seats and fold back the back row. In this position, you can release up to 1390 liters.


The Audi A7 is offered with one engine, an automatic transmission of variable gears and an exclusively branded all-wheel drive system. Despite the absence of alternative aggregates, the presented line is quite universal and is able to satisfy the majority of inquiries of a potential buyer.


The Audi A7 engine is a petrol V-shaped turbocharged six with a volume of 2967 cubic centimeters. Thanks to good displacement, advanced turbocharging and direct fuel injection, engineers managed to squeeze 340 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. With such a herd under the hood, the car breaks from a place to a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour in 5.3 seconds, and the maximum speed, in turn, is limited by electronics and is 250 kilometers per hour. Despite the high power and excellent dynamics, thanks to the Mild Hybrid system, the power unit is quite economical. Fuel consumption Audi A7 will be 6.8 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers in a mixed cycle of traffic.



Audi A7 keeps pace with the times. She has a stylish and elegant design, which can perfectly emphasize the character and status of its owner in society. Such a car will not dissolve in the gray routine flow and will not get lost in the big parking of the business center. Salon is a realm of luxury, quality materials of finish, well-adjusted ergonomics, practicality and unsurpassed comfort. Even a long trip or traffic during rush hour can not cause unnecessary inconveniences. The manufacturer understands perfectly that, first of all, the car should give pleasure from driving. That is why, liftback is equipped with an excellent line of units, which are the quintessence of innovative technologies and many years of experience in the field of engine building. Audi A7 combines an amazing set of quality-stunning dynamics, luxury, spaciousness and unmatched practicality.