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Ford Mondeo Service Repair & Maintenance manual, oil and filter change procedure, wiring diagrams, engine and transmission diagnostics, error codes, fuse locations. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free

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The Ford Mondeo reliability report is based on a survey of experts - employees of specialized car services with extensive experience in repairing and servicing Ford cars. The first part of the report is for reference, with a general assessment of the reliability of the car is calculated based on the data on the resource of key components. The second part is the most detailed analysis of all the problems that the owner of a used car may face.


Ford Mondeo IV generation, before restyling

Release years: 2006–2010

D-class car. The body is all-metal, there are sedan, hatchback and station wagon versions. Engines 4- or 5-cylinder petrol or 4-cylinder diesel, mounted transversely. Wheel drive - front. Gearboxes mechanical (5 or 6 steps) and automatic, 6 steps.



Chrome finishes are short-lived, but the body panels themselves, with the exception of the roof, are protected by a layer of zinc and even if the paintwork is damaged, they are little susceptible to corrosion. In pre-styling sedans and hatchbacks, trunk lids wipe the paint on the rear bumper. The front bumper sags and damages the paintwork at the junction with the wings. The lower door seals, the felt fender liner in the rear wheel arches and the rear mudguards are poorly held. Due to a frozen or jammed lock cable, it is often impossible to open the hood.




1.6 16V (110-125 hp)

In-line gasoline "four" of the Duratec series. Atmospheric, with distributed injection, timing belt drive. Low power and not very popular on the Mondeo, but quite reliable, the resource reaches 300 thousand km. Early years of production have problems with the Ti-VCT variable valve timing clutches on the intake and exhaust.


2.0 16V (145 hp) and 2.3 16V (161 hp)

Gasoline engines of the Duratec series, created in collaboration with Mazda. Four-cylinder, with distributed injection and timing chain drive. The resource is usually at least 300 thousand km. The main problems are with the ignition coils, the intake manifold flap valve and throttle valve, oil leakage into the candle wells. Motor 2.3 can upset the increased oil consumption for waste.


2.5 20V (220 HP)

The unit developed by Volvo is a gasoline, in-line, five-cylinder. In the design of distributed injection, turbocharging, timing belt drive. Mileage before overhaul - more than 350 thousand km. Weak points are the oil separator of the crankcase ventilation system, ignition coils, thermostat and valves of the valve timing system.



1.8 (101 hp), 2.0 (130–140 hp), 2.2 (175 hp)

Diesel engines of the Duratorq series, jointly developed with the Peugeot-Citroen concern. Inline 16-valve turbocharged fours with a Common Rail power system have a resource of more than 350 thousand km. Fuel injectors, injection pump and turbocharger withstand at least 200 thousand km. Problems may be with the exhaust gas recirculation valve, the particulate filter, if any (not all copies were equipped with it), and the intake manifold flap.



automatic transmission

The six-speed hydromechanical "automatic" AWF21 (with diesel 2.0 and petrol 2.3) is quite reliable. Under the condition of changing the oil every 80-100 thousand km, the resource of the unit is about 250 thousand km.


manual transmission

The five-speed iB5 box (installed with 1.6 engines) is distinguished by wear of the drive seals after 70–80 thousand km and a weak axis of the satellites in the differential. After 100–120 thousand km, the input shaft bearing may fail.


The five-speed MTX75 (with 2.0 petrol and 1.8 diesel) has a weak shift rod seal. After 50-60 thousand kilometers, the release bearing in the clutch drive assembly may fail.


The six-speed Getrag, M66 (with 2.5 engine) and MMT6 (with 2.0 and 2.2 diesel engines) are the most reliable, they are able to work out more than 400 thousand km.

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