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Chrysler is an American automotive company.

Since early 2014 is under 100% control of the Italian automotive concern Fiat. The general director is Sergio Marchionne (at the same time he is the chief executive of Fiat). In January 2014, after the consolidation of 100% of the shares of the American Chrysler, Fiat's board of directors decided to create a new unified automotive company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, headquartered in the Netherlands.

Produces passenger cars of brands Chrysler, SRT, RAM, Dodge and Jeep, and earlier Plymouth, DeSoto, Imperial and Eagle, various accessories. There are financial and technological departments of the corporation. Electronic and aerospace products are produced. Headquartered in Auburn Hills

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Chrysler is a brand of cars produced by the American company Chrysler Group LLC, which has been part of the Italian concern Fiat since 2014. Together with Ford and General Motors, it forms the so-called Big Three.


The founder of the company is Walter Chrysler, for whom mechanics has been a passion since childhood. At 17, he became an assistant machinist, at 24 - a master mechanic, at 33 - a superintendent on the Western Railroad in Chicago, at 35 - a manager of the American Locomotive Company. Perhaps he would have continued his career in the field of rail transport, but in 1910 he buys a car and his life changes forever.


According to some reports, Chrysler was so fascinated by the design of the car that he completely disassembled and then reassembled it before learning to drive. In an effort to fully explore technology, he dismantled the car 25 times.

In 1912, Chrysler got a job at Buick, and five years later became president of this division at General Motors. In 1919, he became vice president of production, but soon fell out with the president of the concern, William Durant, which led to his dismissal in 1920.


With a wealth of experience and a reputation as a specialist, he becomes a consultant that Willy-Overland invites to help get out of the financial chasm. Then the same services were required by Maxwell Motor Car. To revive the company, Walter Chrysler offers a truly powerful tool - a new car that should enter the market under his name.


In 1924, the Chrysler Six appears, featuring a number of innovations: hydraulic brakes on all four wheels, an inexpensive but powerful engine, a circular oil supply system, an oil filter, a temperature sensor on the dashboard, which was illuminated from the inside.


Chrysler wanted to exhibit his brainchild at the New York Auto Show, but the organizers refused, due to the fact that the car was not mass-produced. Then the engineer parked the car in the lobby of the Commodore Hotel, where many investors and journalists were visiting every day. The media immediately dubbed the Chrysler Six a sensation. In the first year, 32,000 copies of the model were sold. This allowed the creation of an automobile company in 1925, which became the heir to Maxwell Motor.

Chrysler has worked to rapidly grow the company. In 1925, the Chrysler Four serial 58 appears, which developed a top speed of 58 miles, or 93 km per hour, breaking records in its class. During the year, the company moved from 57th to 5th place in the production of cars in the United States. Her cars were sold by about 4,000 dealers across the country.


In 1927, the Imperial 80 convertible with a 112 hp six-cylinder engine was released. A year later, the company buys Dodge Brothers Inc., which, firstly, was five times the size of Chrysler, and secondly, has already earned itself the image of a manufacturer of highly reliable cars. Already in 1929, the company was part of the "Big Three" American car manufacturers.


During the Great Depression, Chrysler suffered, as did the rest of the industry. However, even during these years, she continued to conduct research and development, which greatly helped her to get out of stagnation as one of the first in the industry. Already in 1933, its sales exceeded the results of 1929.


The success of the Airflow model with curved windshield and automatic transmission was finally consolidated. This car was developed with constant tests in a wind tunnel, which made it possible to create a streamlined body that was advanced for the time.

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