Peugeot 406 407 Workshop Repair Manual

Peugeot 406 407 Repair and maintenance manual, oil and filter change procedure, wiring diagrams, engine and transmission diagnostics, error codes, fuse box locations. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free

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Peugeot Wiring diagrams

1996-2007 Peugeot 406 408 4008 PSA schematique 07H (ISO Image) Download


Fuse box diagram Peugeot 407 and relay w
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Fuse Box Diagram Peugeot 406, 1995 - 200
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Peugeot 406

Despite its far from young age, Peugeot 406 cars are still in demand among motorists. Many years have passed since the start of production of this car, but this “Frenchman” remains one of the best cars in terms of price and quality in class D.


Does it make sense to buy a used Peugeot 406? The question is rather ambiguous: in this situation there are pluses and minuses. Only one thing is worth noting: even used Peugeot 406 cars, mark a significant mileage, retain excellent quality. This is especially true for the chassis of the car.

Peugeot 406 engines

Now about car engines. Peugeot has always been considered an excellent engine manufacturer. Her diesel engines were especially good. The first "four hundred and sixths" were equipped with diesel engines of the XUD series. Reliable and time-tested, they have been produced since the 70s. Since 1999, modern DW turbodiesel engines have been installed on the car. They are quieter and much more economical. Car enthusiasts can recommend a Peugeot car with any diesel engine. With such an engine, you will definitely drive half a million kilometers without major repairs.


Now about gasoline engines. Basically, they are good. But you can't call them great either. They are very noisy, have a fair amount of fuel consumption. The most common Peugeot 406 gasoline engines are four-cylinder engines with a volume of 1.8 and 2 liters. In turn, 1.8 liter engines are eight-valve with a power of 90 hp. or sixteen-valve with a power of 101-110 hp. Motors with a volume of two liters have sixteen valves. On the machines of the first years of production, engines of the XU10J4R series are used, after 1999 they were replaced by engines of the EW series.


Peugeot 406 gasoline engines are quite reliable, it is only recommended to change the toothed belt more often (after 60,000 km) and change the coolant. And then there should not be any special problems with the engine of your "four hundred and sixth". There is one more nuance: the air filter pipe is very low - do not forget about this when you "force" water obstacles, which are not uncommon on our roads. If water gets into the cylinders, serious problems and costly repairs await you. In the service station, by the way, you can move the nozzle higher and thus save yourself from this problem.


More about the nuances of Peugeot 406 gasoline engines. They do not tolerate cold well and in winter they can start only on the second or third attempt. At temperatures below -18 ° C, the engine may stop starting at all. This problem is especially typical for EW series engines. The cause of the problem is the ignition control electronics. Also related to electronics is another specific problem of EW series engines. It reacts badly to domestic gasoline, or rather, to its quality. The program contains rather high standards of gasoline, regarding its octane number and toxicity. To solve these problems, it is best to download an updated version of the program. You can easily do this at many service stations.


Another problem with EW series engines is very high oil consumption. The reason for this phenomenon, most likely, lies in the design features of this motor. Oil consumption can reach up to 250 grams per 1000 kilometers. However, this situation is considered normal by the manufacturer.

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