BMW Electrical Systems R56


The new MINI R56 second generation continues to delight again.

The heir to the R50 borrowed the latest BMW technology.

These technologies are based on the BMW 1 and 3 series.

Thus, in the lower compact class (UKL1 +) come innovations that were previously available only for other classes of cars.

BMW technical service information provides an overview of the electrical systems of the new MINI. Electrical systems are grouped as follows:

- Engine and transmission 

- Chassis 

- Body 

From this main document, by clicking on hypertext links, you can call up reviews of individual electrical systems.

Electrical systems


The following section briefly describes the key technical features of the new MINI.


- Onboard network


- Drive unit


- Chassis


- Body

Onboard network


The so-called onboard network 2000 is installed in the new MINI. The 2000 onboard network has been introduced since the start of the E65 series production. The on-board network 2000 consists of the following data buses:

  • Body CAN: K-CAN
  • Bus Media Oriented System Transport: MOST (starting with RAD2)
  • Engine and Transmission CAN Bus: PT-CAN
  • Chassis CAN: F-CAN (DSC only)
  • CAN Interface for Diagnostics: D-CAN (Diagnostics-on-CAN)

Now, D-CAN is used as a diagnostic interface between the diagnostic socket and the JBE electronic control unit. The D-CAN interface provides a higher data transfer rate (500 kbps). D-CAN is a two-wire bus. D-CAN stands for Diagnostics-on-CAN.

Designation Explanation 

JBE Electronic Control Unit (JBE) FRM Footwell module

SHD sunroof with sunroof; CID Central Information Display

MJOY Joystick MINI PDC Parking Emergency Approach Alarm

KOMBI Instrument cluster KOMBI2 Optional instruments

AHM Trailer Electrical Connection Module

(100% retrofit)


AHM Trailer Electrical Connection Module

(100% retrofit)


MRS Multi-component Restraint System CA Comfort Access System

IHKA Integrated automatic heating and air conditioning system IHKS Integrated heating and air conditioning system

IHS Integrated AMP heater control amplifier

RAD Radio Radio Wave RAD2 Radio Radio Boost

CCC Car Communication Computer RLS Rain / Outdoor Light Sensor (via LIN to JBE Control Unit)

6 Electric steering lock

MOST data bus (MOST stands for Media Oriented System Transport)

Designation Explanation

RAD Radio Radio Wave RAD2 Radio Radio Boost

CCC Car Communication Computer CDC CD Changer

VM ULF-SBX Video Module Universal Charging Intercom

DAB Digital Tuner SDARS US Satellite Radio

IBOC Digital Tuner for USA

5 MOST direct output

Control units on the RT-CAN data bus (engine and transmission CAN bus)

Designation Explanation

JBE Electronic Control Unit (JBE) SZL Steering column switch cluster (multifunction steering wheel via K-Bus bodywork on SZL)

LWS Steering angle sensor ASC + T Automatic stability and traction control

ABS Anti-lock braking system DSC Dynamic stability control

EGS EPS electronic gearbox control Electromechanical power steering

DME Digital Electronic Engine Management DDE Digital Electronic Engine Management

1 Intelligent battery sensor via serial binary code (BSD) interface 2 Generator via serial binary code (BSD) interface

Control units on the F-CAN data bus (chassis CAN)

Designation Explanation

DSC Dynamic Stability Control SZL Steering column switch cluster with steering angle sensor

3 Multifunction steering wheel (MFL) via K-Bus bodywork on SZL 4 DSC sensor



The following new engines and gearboxes are installed on the R56:


- Gasoline engines N12 and N14


These engines were developed by the BMW Group in conjunction with PSA.


The N12 engine is a 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with a Valvetronic system.


The N14 engine is a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with direct injection.


With gasoline engines, the JBE electronic control unit activates the electric fuel pump.


Note: Detailed descriptions of the functioning of the N14 engine systems can be called up in the BMW diagnostic system using the corresponding function nodes.

- Diesel engine W16


The 4-cylinder diesel engine is also a joint development of the BMW Group and PSA. This engine will be installed later.


The W16 engine is equipped with a particulate filter. A particulate filter requires a fuel additive to regenerate. A separate tank and an additional pump for this additive are provided for this.

- Manual gearboxes


On the R56, a 6-speed manual transmission manufactured by GETRAG (GS6-53BG or GS6-55BG) is installed as standard. This box received an additional 6th gear. The friction linings on the synchronizers of individual gears are carbon coated. An innovation compared to the previous gearbox is a synchronized reverse gear with inclined teeth.

MINI COOPER S has a limited-slip differential.

- Automatic gearboxes


6-speed automatic transmission manufactured by AISIN LTD (GA6F21WA). After 3 months from the start of mass production, automatic transmission will also be installed on the R56.


The 6-speed automatic transmission is adapted to the new on-board network. With the introduction of new engines, a change in the shape of the engine compartment and gearbox was required.


Other innovations:

  • electronic key lock in the lock (Interlock)
  • lack of a contact switch for reversing lights (the signal now comes from EGS)
  • M / S line (BMW equivalent)
  • SPORT button (to reduce switching time)



The chassis, in terms of electrics, has been changed for the following systems:

- Chassis adjustment systems


The following suspension systems are installed on the R56:

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) as standard
  • Anti-lock braking system with traction control (ABS + T), optional equipment
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), optional equipment

All three systems have an integrated tire damage indicator (RPA).


The DSC system is manufactured by TRW. The DSC system in its functions is similar to the already known DSC Mk60 system.


However, the R56 is not equipped with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC).


DSC vehicles have the following additional components:

Steering column switch cluster (SZL) with steering angle sensor

DSC sensor

F-CAN (Chassis CAN)

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