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Datsun Cross

In its home market, Datsun Cross appeared before the general public early in the winter of 2018. The car is considered the first crossover in the history of the manufacturer, and in fact it is an elevator version of the Go + model. In addition to the revised suspension, the model received an updated interior and a pretty attractive appearance.


First of all, I would like to note the intricate sharp-angled headlights with headlights, large lenses, LED navigation lights and high-positioned direction indicators. The radiator grille is made in the corporate style and flaunts a small manufacturer logo. It has a hexagonal shape and consists of many large elongated cells. Not without the classic crossover attributes.


On the roof there are silvery rails, and on the thresholds, wheel arches and bumpers you can see special overlays. They are made of durable, unpainted plastic and are designed to protect the paintwork of the body panels in the most vulnerable places.


Datsun Cross is a budget seven-seat subcompact crossover. Its overall dimensions are: length 3785 mm, width 1635 mm, height 1485 mm, and the wheelbase is only 2450 mm. Despite its origin, the ground clearance for the model is quite serious - as much as 200 mm. Thanks to this ground clearance, it is perfect for traveling on the broken roads of third world countries, it will be able to stop at the curb during parking and keep an acceptable smoothness on an uneven canvas.

Turning radius: 4.6 m


Datsun Cross is a vivid example of a rather popular modification of road models. He has an unusual off-road entourage, which can perfectly emphasize the character and personality of its owner. Despite belonging to the budget segment, thanks to the bright design, such a car will not dissolve in the large parking of the shopping center and will not get lost in the gray everyday flow. Salon is the realm of solid materials of decoration, elaborated ergonomics and comfort. Even a long trip or a heavy traffic congestion should not cause the owner unnecessary inconveniences. The manufacturer is well aware that the main task of any car is to give pleasure to driving. That is why, the crossover is equipped with a budget, but a good set of units, which are a fusion of proven technology and many years of experience of engineers. Datsun Cross is a roomy, compact and inexpensive car for all occasions.

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