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Download repair manual for your Citroen with step by step instructions, photos, wiring diagrams, fuse diagram, engine and transmission oil change procedure. Parts catalog with their original numbers. Error codes and engine diagnostics

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Citroen Electric Wiring Diagram

wiring diagram — Citroen Xantia
starting and charging system
JPG Image 38.1 KB
Citroen Xantia wiring diagram of the injection and ignition system
JPG Image 88.0 KB

Electrical wiring color Citroen Xantia

The list of abbreviations used in the notation (not all components are included in the model)

BA White

BE Blue

BG Beige

GR Gray

JN Yellow

MR Brown

MV Purple

NR Black

OR Orange

RG Red

RS Pink

VE Green

VI Purple

A - Earthing point

B - Component number

C - Wire number

D - Channel number of the connector

E - Connector color

F - Connector Socket Number

G - Fuse number

H - Sending to another scheme

I - Number of the corresponding component

J - If provided

K - Designation of the node / system to which the contour is involved

L - Connecting wires

M - Chain wiring nodes

1 - Resistance

2 - Rheostat

3 - Potentiometer

4 - Fuse

5 - Shunt

6 - Coil

7 - Solenoid valve

8 - Compressor

9 - Electromotor

10 - Two-speed electric motor

11 - Alternating Current Generator

12 - Piezo element

13 - Transistor NPN

14 - Transistor PNP

15 - l probe


16 - Squelch

17 - Grid

18 - Diode

19 - Siren horn / loudspeaker

20 - Indicator lamp

21 - Lamp of the lighting device

22 - Lamp with two filaments

23 - LED Light

24 - Photodiode

25 - Thermocouple

26 - The key

27 - Mass

28 - Node

29 - Battery

30 - Nest


31 - Main switch

Repair manual for BERLINGO 2 generations, 2008 - 2018

C1 3 generations, 2009 - today

C2 1st generation, 2003 - 2009

C3 4 generations, 2002 - today

C3 AIRCROSS 1st generation, 2018 - 2021

C3 PICASSO 2 generations, 2008 - today

C4 4 generations, 2004 - today

C4 AIRCROSS 1st generation, 2012 - today

C4 CACTUS 2 generations, 2014 - today

C4 GRAND PICASSO 2 generations, 2006 - today

C4 PICASSO 2 generations, 2006 - today

C4 SEDAN 1st generation, 2013 - today

C4L 1st generation, 2012 - today

C5 3 generations, 2001 - today

C5 AIRCROSS2 generations, 2018 - today

C5 CROSS TOURER 1st generation, 2014 - today

C5 X 1 generation, 2022 - today

C6 2 generations, 2005 - today

C8 1st generation, 1994 - 2010

C-CROSSER 1st generation, 2007 - today

C-ELYSEE 2 generations, 2013 - today

SPACETOURER 1st generation, 2016 - today

XSARA PICASSO 1st generation, 1999 - 2010

When, in 1919, André Citroën released his first car, could he have imagined that in 100 years, cars bearing his name would be driving around the world? So what's the secret to Citroën's longevity? To answer this question, you need to refer to the personality of the brand creator.


André Citroen, like no one else, understood the mood of the era and the needs of his contemporaries. He was one of the first to create the concept of a democratic car, accessible to everyone.


For him, communication with people was the main source of inspiration and ideas that formed the basis of technological developments. His team consisted of the best designers and engineers who brought these ideas to life.


Since its inception, Citroën's DNA has been embedded in comfort, driving pleasure and safety - all at an affordable price. These values have been relevant throughout our long and eventful history. They are relevant today and will be relevant in the future! They are loyal to every model of the brand, from the first Type A to the latest crossover Citroën C5 Aircross, every "car legend": Traction Avant, Type H, DS, 2 CV and CX. Citroën remains true to itself and, in order to boldly go into the future, draws inspiration from its customers - draws inspiration from you!

In January 1919, advertisements appeared in all French newspapers that a completely new car would be on the market at a price of only 7,250 francs. No other manufacturer could offer such a low price then.

The Citroën Type A-10 HP was born on June 4, 1919. The car repeated the success of Henry Ford's products in the United States and became the most mass-produced car in Europe. The assembly line allowed the Type A-10 HP to be sold at a lower price than the competition.


A car with a 1,327 cc four-cylinder engine. developed a maximum speed of 65 km / h.

Citroën presents the 2nd car in the model range: B2. Compared to Type A, this is a more powerful and technologically advanced car.

Paris Motor Show: World presentation of the Citroën 5HP. A new compact car based on the Type A.

Citroën unveils the B10, the first all-metal vehicle to replace metal and wood models.

In 1924 the production of Citroën cars reaches 50,000 units per year.

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