Toyota Supra Repair & Service Manual

Service Manual
Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra - the serial sports car which was issued by company Toyota from 1978 for 2002. The Supra design was adopted from the Toyota Celica, but the body became longer and wider. Since mid-1986, the Supra has separated from Celica, becoming an independent model. In this regard, Toyota ceased to use the prefix Celica, and the car began to be called simply Supra. Because of the similarity with the name Celica, they are often confused. The first, second and third generations of Supra were assembled at the plant in Takhar, and the fourth generation - at the plant in the city of Toyota.


The Supra also has a connection to the Toyota 2000GT, from which the engine passed to it. The cars of the first three generations were fitted with M-series engines from Toyota Crown and 2000GT. For all four generations of Supra were installed in-line six-cylinder engines. The chassis has received the code "A".

Toyota Supra Repair Manuals

Toyota Supra Wiring Diagrams

This is JDM Supra wiring diagram book. It covers whole production range since 1993 till 2002

It was bought a few years ago . In December 2013 it was scanned, OCRed

and completely translated by me . There are two things, that I excluded from the

release: Japanese Index and By-Connector-Number Index. But I think I will include the latter later

Owners Manual
1996 Toyota Supra 3.0