Cadillac CTS 2003-2007 Service Repair Manuals. Wiring Diagrams

Cadillac CTS I Sedan will serve you longer and more reliably if you follow the recommendations given in this repair manual. The books are well-illustrated and contain a detailed table of contents for each section at the beginning, making it easy to find the information you need to troubleshoot your machine.


Very clear and high-quality photos, using a good example, will allow you to understand the Cadillac CTS 1 Sedan device and study all the technical characteristics of your vehicle.

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2003 – 2004 Cadillac CTS Repair Manuals, Engine. EWD

3.2L V6 Intro Download
Specifications & Drive Belt Routing- 2.6L & 3.2L Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.6L & 3.2L (1 of 4) Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.6L & 3.2L (2 of 4) Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.6L & 3.2L (3 of 4) Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.6L & 3.2L (4 of 4) Download
Engine Cooling Download
Electric Cooling Fans Download
Starters Download
Engine Exhaust Download
Computer Relearn Procedures Download
Owner’s Manual Download
System Wiring Diagrams Download

Hydraulic Brakes Download
Power Steering System Download
Steering Wheel and Column Download
Roof Download
System Wiring Diagrams Download

2005 Cadillac CTS Offline Service Repair Manual + Wiring Diagrams Download


2006+ Cadillac CTS (2.8L/3.6L/6.0L) System Wiring Diagrams


Engine – 2.8L (LP1)

Engine Mechanical – 2.8L (LP1) – Introduction Download
Engine Controls – 2.8L – Troubleshooting Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.8L (LP1) – CTS (1 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.8L (LP1) – CTS (2 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.8L (LP1) – CTS (3 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.8L (LP1) – CTS (4 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 2.8L (LP1) – CTS (5 Of 5) Download


Engine – 3.6L (LY7)

Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) – Introduction Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) – CTS (1 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) – CTS (2 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) – CTS (3 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) – CTS (4 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) – CTS (5 Of 5) Download
Engine Cooling Download
Engine Electrical Download


Cadillac CTS Reliability Problems

Cadillac brand cars have long taken root in the market and are loved by many car owners. Model cars such as the CTS have proven themselves very well for their flawless performance, reliability and safety. But still, when choosing a car, its technical condition is not unimportant. If you decide to buy this car, then it is very important to correctly carry out computer diagnostics, comprehensively and check the chassis of the car in order to detect all typical malfunctions and weaknesses.


CADILLAC CTS were produced from 2002 to 2005 with engines of 2.6 l – V6 181 hp, 3.2 l – V6 218 hp.


From 2005 to 2007 of release – with engines 2.8 l – V6 215 hp, 3.6 l – V6 257 hp.


GM has released a sports version of the CTS-V. This model was equipped with a 5.7 l engine – V8, and later from 2005 to 2007 a 6.0 l – V8 with a capacity of 400 hp.


The second generation CADILLAC CTS appeared with a redesigned and improved design in 2007. And in 2009 they produced a version of the body – station wagon, and 2010 pleased us with a completely new version of the coupe. 2017-2018 came to the CTS (VI) market.


Despite the many configurations and modifications presented on our market, there are typical malfunctions that are characteristic of absolutely all cars of this brand.


• One of the malfunctions is the failure of the high pressure fuel pump . This is characteristic in that the car loses power, an error lights up and gasoline enters the engine oil, which can lead to failure and replacement of the motor (engine). This malfunction is checked by computer diagnostics and monitoring the condition of the engine oil.


• In the event of failure of the injection pump and fuel injectors, further problems with the catalyst and oxygen sensors are possible. If the injectors do not work properly, the fuel enters the oxygen sensor, which is located before the catalyst, and the remaining gasoline burns out in the ceramic part of the catalyst, thereby melting it, while the car smokes heavily, the engine is unstable. We offer the removal of catalysts and the installation of flame arresters, after which we update the software – we program the car for a version without a catalyst (NON CAT).


• The failure of the ignition coil leads to unstable operation of the engine and the appearance of an error on the instrument panel, while the malfunction indicator may blink. It is not difficult to replace the coil, but it is important to check the condition of the spark plugs.


• On all Cadillac STS vehicles, the muffler exhaust (reception) pipe runs close to the body side member and, due to prolonged overheating, after many years of operation, corrosion and even through damage to the body is possible. When diagnosing especially old cars, pay special attention to the spars.


• On many engines, a typical malfunction is the appearance of an error code on the instrument panel, which indicates the failure of the timing chains. This malfunction is easily diagnosed using computer diagnostics and is eliminated by replacing the timing chains and the timing repair kit.


• It happens that the engine cooling fans do not work. The solution to this problem is to overhaul the fan motor or replace it.


• If the fan motor does not work or if the radiators of the engine and air conditioner are clogged with dirt, an increase in operating temperature is inevitable. All Cadillac STS are very afraid of overheating. As a result, the valve cover gaskets, the front cover of the engine, the failure of the crankshaft oil seals, as well as the automatic transmission and transfer case, may begin to leak. When buying a car, look carefully so that there are no leaks.


• When buying a car, do not forget to check for leaks in the pipes of the automatic transmission and power steering.


• During a test drive and diagnostics on the lift, we check the hubs. The rumble and backlash may begin after a run of 80,000 km.


CADILLAC of this model is quite a powerful car. Therefore, the driving style of the owners in most cases is aggressive – as a result, the failure of the silent blocks on the levers is checked on the lift.


• Electrical glitches often occur on the Cadillac CTS when the trunk lid cable is frayed. At this moment, there is a loss of communication with the vehicle control units. This defect does not appear constantly, and therefore it is difficult to catch it. This problem is solved by replacing the harness (loop) of the trunk lid.


• If the instrument panel says that the engine power is reduced, then the throttle assembly needs to be cleaned or replaced. This happens due to the fact that the owners do not perform regular preventive cleaning and adaptation of the throttle assembly.


Each malfunction is individual, but typical for this type of CADILLAC models. In order to buy CADILLAC CTS correctly, contact the specialists and carry out complex and computer diagnostics, and then you will be sure of the result.

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