Lexus Owner's Manual & Wiring Diagrams 1990-2018

Lexus is a division of Toyota, which produces luxury models for the US and European markets (naturally, with the left rudder). The very word lexus in its sound is similar to the word "lux". It is this word and its derivatives - "luxury", "luxury car" and so on - describes the entire history of the company. This is not surprising, because the original purpose of creating the company Lexus and was the production of prestigious cars, expensive, luxurious, beautiful.


It can not be said that this idea was so new and original, because at the time of the company's creation, or rather, the birth of its very concept, this segment of the automobile market has long been firmly rooted in well-known European and American brands such as BMW, Mercedes- Benz, Jaguar. However, the Japanese were not embarrassed - in August 1983, at a secret meeting of the Toyota Corporation Board of Directors, Eiji Toyoda, chairman of the board, voiced an idea that could be briefly described: "to challenge the best cars in the world". By this time Toyota has firmly stood on its feet as a world-famous manufacturer of reliable, inexpensive, high-quality cars, the popularity and massiveness of which do not need to be proved. But with luxury and prestige, this already firmly established image did not fit; so Toyota decided to conquer the selected sector of the car market with a new brand. This brand became Lexus.

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