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Acura MDX 2014 Service Manual.rar 33.1Mb Download
Acura Mdx Obd-II Error (fault) Codes list.pdf 705.6kb 
2004 Acura MDX Touring Navigation Manual 
Acura MDX 2001-2002 Service Manual 
Acura MDX 2007 Service Manual 



Acura MDX 01-02 Trouble Shooting – Basic Procedures Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Computer Relearn Procedures – Import Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Service Reminder Indicators Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Engine 3.5L V6 Download

Acura MDX 01-02 On-Vehicle Adjustments Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Vacuum Diagrams Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Basic Diagnostic Procedures Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Electric Cooling Fans Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Specifications & Drive Belt Routing Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Drive Belt Routing & Adjustment Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Shift Interlock Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 MGHA Overhaul Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Servicing Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Overhaul Download

Acura MDX 01-02 2001 Disc Download

Acura MDX 01-02 2002 Disc Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Anti-Lock Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Drive Shafts Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Variable Torque Management Diagnosis Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Front Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Rear Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Power Rack & Pinion Download

Acura MDX 01-02 2001 Steering Columns Download

Acura MDX 01-02 2002-03 Steering Columns Download

Acura MDX 01-02 2001 Air Bag Restraint Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 2002 Air Bag Restraint Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Cruise Control Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Rear Window & Mirror Defoggers Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Instrument Panels Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Anti-Theft & Keyless Entry Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Driver’s Position Memory Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Multiplex Control Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Navigation Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Power Mirrors Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Power Seats Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Power Windows Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Heated Seat Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Steering Column Switches Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Wiper/Washer Systems Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Dust & Pollen Filter Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Generators & Regulators Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Automatic A/C-Heater Systems  Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Electrical Component Locations Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Electrical Component Locations Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Fuses & Circuit Breakers Download

Acura MDX 01-02 System Wiring Diagrams Download

Acura MDX 01-02 Owner’s Manual Download



Acura MDX 03-06 Specifications Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Lubricants & Fluids Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Fan Controls Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Cooling System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Engine Block Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Cylinder Head Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Engine Assembly Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Engine Lubrication Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Engine Mount Control System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Ignition System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Intake Manifold and Exhaust System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Starting System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Advanced Diagnostics Download

Acura MDX 03-06 EGR System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 EVAP System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Fuel And Emissions Systems Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Fuel Supply System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Idle Control System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Intake Air System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 PCV System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 PGM-FI System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 VTEC Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Automatic Transmission Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Audio System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Consoles Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Cruise Control Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Dashboard Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Bumpers Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Rear Window Defogger Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Keyless/Power Door Locks/Security System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Doors Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Exterior Light Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Interior Lights Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Exterior Trim Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Interior Trim Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Fenderwell Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Frame Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Gauges Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Glass Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Hood Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Horns Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Ignition Switch Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Mirrors Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Moonroof Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Navigation System (’05-06 Models) Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Openers Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Power Lumbar Support Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Power Mirrors Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Power Moonroof Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Power Seats Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Power Windows Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Rear Entertainment System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Seat Heaters Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Seats Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Tailgate Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Wipers/Washers Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Conventional Brake Components Download

Acura MDX 03-06 VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) System Components Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Power Steering Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Front Suspension Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Rear Suspension Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Driveline/Axle Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Rear Differential Download

Acura MDX 03-06 SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Climate Control Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Dust & Pollen Filter Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Charging System Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Buzzers, Relays & Timers Location Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Fuse/Relay Boxes Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Battery Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Relays Download

Acura MDX 03-06 Under-Dash Fuse/Relay Box Download

Acura MDX 03-06 System Wiring Diagrams Download

Acura MDX 03-06 2006 Acura MDX Owner’s Manual Download



Acura MDX 2006-2009 Repair Manual Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Audio, Entertainment, Navigation Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Body Electrical Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Body Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Brakes Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Engine Cooling Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Engine Electrical Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Engine Mechanical Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Fuel and Emissions Download

Acura MDX 07-09 General Information Download

Acura MDX 07-09 HVAC Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Maintenance Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Restraints Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Specifications Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Steering Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Suspension Download

Acura MDX 07-09 Transaxle Download

Acura MDX

Acura entered the luxury SUV segment a bit late. It introduced the MDX in 2000, three years after the Lexus RX300 and Mercedes-Benz ML 320, and more than a year after the introduction of the BMW X5.


Acura MDX was produced in Elliston – in the Canadian province of Ontario – on the same assembly line with the platform Honda Odyssey and Pilot, with which it shares a number of components.



The 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 is the only engine for all MDXs. Before restyling, he developed 243 hp. (J35A3), and after completion – 263 hp. (J35A5). The engine is equipped with a VTEC system that controls valve timing and valve lift. It adjusts intake valve opening times in response to rpm, delivering decent torque from idle to 6200 rpm.

The timing mechanism is driven by a toothed belt with a recommended replacement interval of 100,000 km.


Pillows (supports) of the engine and gearbox are rented after 150-250 thousand km. There are five in total. And the most vulnerable front is also the most expensive


After 250-350 thousand km, the crankshaft rear oil seal may leak. Along with it, it is also necessary to change the sealing ring of the oil channel, which may also leak soon.


After a while, interruptions in the operation of the engine are often observed. It is possible to get rid of the disease after cleaning or replacing the idle and EGR valve, flushing the throttle valve, cleaning the intake manifold or replacing the PCV valve (crankcase ventilation).



The high-speed 5-speed automatic transmission works well in conjunction with the engine. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes just over 8 seconds. Before restyling, a MGHA box was used, and after – MDKA.


The first automatic transmission repair may be required after 250-300 thousand km. As a rule, the solenoids, the oil seal and the torque converter lockup, the fourth and fifth packs, the first gear overrunning clutch, the regulator and the pressure sensor wear out. After a quality overhaul, the machine will last at least 100-150 thousand km.


The box may be in the service earlier due to a rotten fitting on the radiator. As a result, antifreeze can get into the box, less often – the machine simply loses oil. The defect is typical for restyled versions.


It is believed that the transmission fluid cooling system in the automatic pre-styling machine is less efficient, which leads to rapid aging of the oil and wear of the box. Therefore, some owners install an additional radiator, which was done by Acura engineers after restyling.


The VTM-4 Multipurpose Torque Distribution System is a unique computer controlled system. Most of the time the car remains front-wheel drive, but when the system sees fit (when accelerating or sliding), it will direct some of the torque to the rear wheels.


Instead of a center differential, two electromagnetic clutch packs are installed, distributing torque between the rear wheels. If necessary, at speeds up to 28 km / h, the driver can use the lock by pressing the appropriate button on the dashboard. As a result, about 54% of the torque will be transmitted to the rear wheels.


The VTM-4 all-wheel drive system is quite reliable. She even “independently notifies” the forgetful owner that it is time to change the oil in the rear gearbox – a crunch appears. As a rule, after updating the fluid, extraneous sounds disappear. Only in rare cases it is necessary to change the gearbox itself. The fluid in the transmission should be updated every 24-48 thousand km (depending on operating conditions).


However, interruptions in the operation of the system still occur. Most often due to a failure of the oil temperature sensor in the rear gearbox. Less commonly, failures occur due to oxidation of the contacts in the TMV block connector. In extreme cases, the block itself may also fail – it is necessary to solder it. In addition, the system is disabled in case of misfires and errors in the catalysts, oxygen sensors, and the crankshaft position sensor.


In the transmission, after 250-350 thousand km, it is necessary to change the crosses of the cardan shaft. A complex of works with the replacement of crosses and outboard bearing, as well as with the subsequent balancing of the cardan. At the same time, CV joints are also handed over, which are recommended to be changed only complete with drives.

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