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Mitsubishi Colt - a compact city car from the Japanese concern Mitsubishi. The first generation, introduced in 1962 as a two-door Mitsubishi Colt 600 sedan, had a rear-engine layout, but already with the intergenerational change in 1978, the drive was changed to the front, and later the all-wheel drive modifications were added. Under the Colt trade mark, sedans, station wagons, fastbacks were produced in different years, however, the hatchback remained the main body.

Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors

Years of manufacture 1962-2012

Subcompact class

Other designations Datsun Micra

Nissan March

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Mitsubishi Colt Service Manual, Technical Information Manual & Body Repair Manual, MY 2008-2011

Mitsubishi Colt Service Repair Manual

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