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Audi S3 is built on the basis of the usual Audi A3.

Available as three-door, and five-door Audi S3.



Externally, the Audi S3 is not much different from the base Audi A3, but there are differences. The Audi S3 has transverse paired radiator grille ribs, metal rearview mirror housings, air intakes, a roof spoiler, a diffuser in the rear bumper, four chrome exhaust pipes, 18-inch wheels, and brake mechanisms with oversized dials.

The Audi S3 optics are fully LED, including the navigation lights, as well as the far and dipped headlights.

Due to the wider use of aluminum, which made, including the hood and wings, the weight of the car was reduced by 60 kg.



But the most important difference between the Audi S3 is the brand-new 2.0-liter TFSI engine with dual fuel injection, 300 hp. with a torque of 380 Nm, capable of accelerating the Audi S3 to 250 km / h. (speed is limited by electronics). The first "hundred" is achieved Audi S3 after only 4.8 seconds.


The highlight of the Audi S3 engine is a dual fuel injection. At maximum load, gasoline falls directly into the cylinders, but if the engine does not need full recoil, the injection is not direct. This helps reduce fuel consumption, which Audi S3 is 6.9 per 100 km. in the combined cycle. In addition, the Audi S3 has a system for adjusting the height of the lifting of the valves, increasing the speed of reaction to the action of the gas pedal, and the exhaust manifold is cast in conjunction with the cylinder head.




As a transmission Audi S3 offers a six-speed robotic gearbox S-tronic, which has the ability to manually control, as well as the sports mode "S". Basic versions of the Audi S3 are equipped with a conventional mechanical transmission, from which acceleration to "hundreds" takes 0.5 seconds. more.



The drive of the Audi S3 is exceptionally full, with a multi-plate clutch of the latest generation, which allows you to change the percentage of engine power transmitted to the rear wheels.


With standard settings, the Audi S3 suspension is much stiffer than on the A3. Optionally, the Audi S3 offers an active suspension with variable characteristics of shock absorbers, which can be adjusted to different driving conditions. The ground clearance of Audi S3 is reduced, and the wheelbase, on the contrary, is increased by 18 mm.


Audi S3 also equipped with a system DriveSelect, changing the settings of the engine, transmission and steering. And in the mode of maximum efficiency Dynamic, in the exhaust system are opened two flaps, making the sound of exhaust at the moment of dispersal rumbling and bass, like a real sports car.



Audi S3 interior is not much different from the usual A3. The difference in the white dials of the Audi S3 instruments, combined with the tachometer of the charge pressure indicator, the lowered steering wheel, the shift paddles and the more dense seats with developed lateral support, and a timer is added in the on-board computer to track the distance traveled.


Multimedia in the Audi S3 of the latest generation with a touch panel on which you can draw the first letter of the names of objects and the computer will immediately give out all the suitable options. This greatly facilitates and speeds up the search. There is also the possibility of connecting to the Internet.