Ford Explorer Service Manual. Wiring Diagram

Ford Explorer repair and maintenance manual, oil and filter change procedure, wiring diagrams, engine and transmission diagnostics, error codes, fuse locations. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free

1: General Information

00: Service Information

2: Chassis

04: Suspension

05: Driveline

06: Brake System

11: Steering System

3: Powertrain

03: Engine

07: Automatic Transmission

08: Manual Transmission, Clutch and Transfer Case

09: Exhaust System

10: Fuel System

4: Electrical

12: Climate Control System

13: Instrumentation and Warning Systems

14: Battery and Charging System

15: Audio Systems

17: Lighting

18: Electrical Distribution

19: Electronic Feature Group

5: Body and Paint

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5th generation Ford Explorer

The main disadvantages of the 2010–2019 Ford Explorer release

1. The quality of the paintwork


This is especially applicable to models of Russian assembly. After approximately 4 years of use, repainting is required, especially the hood and doors;


2. The quality of the fog lights

the appearance of condensation

cracks appear fairly quickly.

not secure fastening.


3. Poor quality sealant


Roof leakage problems are possible, and this is a significant drawback;


4. The light of the front optics is dim


The reasons for this: the small size of the headlights, the diffuser of poor quality, plus their very location is quite high;


5. Body structure is not rigid enough


In the case of a situation where the car has become one wheel on the curb, there is a skew in the opening of the fifth door;


6. Windshield wipers leave a lot to be desired


At high speed, they do not do their job well enough.


Weaknesses of the fifth generation Ford Explorer

Power units;

Electronics of the all-wheel drive system;

Transfer case;

Lack of suspension reliability;

Steering rack;

The quality of interior trim;

Motor equipment.

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