BMW TIS for self-repair and maintenance of BMW cars

BMW TIS is designed for independent repair and maintenance of BMW cars. Contains information on adjustment and installation dimensions, troubleshooting procedures, symptoms of malfunctions, geometry. Installed similarly to the BMW ETK program. In the BMW TIS program there are no electrical circuits for cars; electrical circuits are contained on a separate disk (BMW WDS). The machine is identified by the last 7 digits of the VIN number, all other digits from BMW do not carry any information other than the manufacturer's information.

The BMW repair base contains technical texts systematically by model - years - systems about actually released vehicles, photos of BMW components and sketches (no electrical circuits). The differences between the wiring and the standard are described, subsequently revealed dysfunctions of electronics and other features of specific lots of vehicles. The methods of eliminating problems associated with the factory assembly and the original BMW equipment are offered. However, for BMW cars of recent years, not every advice is easy to use. For example, to fix a problem in a satellite navigation system, it is proposed to replace the file in such software with such and such a file from GPS software navigation software collection - the name of the collection is given, it is also a DVD base. Particularly important is the indication of the numbers of auto-electronics products to be replaced as, although used in the assembly line, but related to BMW factory lots that were subsequently rejected.

The documents contained in the BMW TIS serve as a guide for the qualified performance of maintenance and repair work on BMW vehicles as standard. A necessary requirement for the above work is to undergo a full training program for the profession of a car mechanic and regular training in our training centers for staff.


Choose the TIS version that is closest to the release date of the car. In most cases, this means that you will find the maximum information for your BMW car.

Nero disk image. Open in Nero or Daemon tools.

To install, run setup.exe in the CDROM folder: WIN95BMWTIS

After installing the sysadm program, run it and in the top menu select the TIS subkey -> install

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