Peugeot Citroen Transmission Service Repair Manual

The ZF 4HP20 4-speed automatic transmission has been produced since 1995 and is installed on many European car models, including large minivans and minibuses. The transmission is able to digest the torque of powerful V6 engines up to 330 Nm.


The 4HP family also includes automatic transmissions: 4HP14, 4HP16, 4HP18, 4HP22 and 4HP24.


  • Citroen Xantia, C5. 1997-2008
  • Peugeot 406, 605. 1995-2010
  • Renault Laguna, Espace. 1997-2000



Aisin TS‑40SNGM 4T65Hyundai‑Kia A4CF0Mazda F4A‑ELPeugeot AT8Renault MB1Toyota U340EVAG 01P

ZF 4HP20 Automatic Transmission Repair Manual Download

Automatic transmission ZF 3HP22

The German manufacturer of auto parts and parts ZF is known for making automatic transmissions. They are installed on many European cars. The 3HP22 automatic transmission began production back in 1973. Due to good reliability and durability, the units were used on various brands of cars until 1990.

The 3HP22 three-speed transmission was mainly intended for German cars manufactured under the BMW brand. According to reliable sources, automatic transmission was used on them until 1984. Despite the fact that the development was carried out in the 70s, the engineers managed to create a reliable mechanism.


Features automatic transmission ZF 3HP22

Over the years of operation of the 3HP22 unit, accurate statistics have been collected. According to the data obtained, the average mileage is 200-250 thousand kilometers. The three-speed hydraulic automatic transmission is highly reliable. During the first 200,000 thousand km, the car owner should not worry that it may fail. In order to maintain performance at a sufficient level, it is necessary to regularly replace the lubricating fluid.

Since the introduction of the 3HP22 automatic transmission, which replaced the 3HP20, it has been used by the most famous European car manufacturers. The device is able to perceive large values of torque, up to 320 Nm. Due to the robust design, the automatic transmission was installed on cars with an engine capacity of up to 3.0 liters. The most famous models: BMW (E23, E24, E28, E12, E21, E9, E3). Citroen CX 2500IE Peugeot

Despite the high reliability, the 3HP22 modification still fails. Most often this happens with the front clutch pack. As a result, the car can only move in reverse.

Drawing a conclusion regarding the 3HP22 automatic transmission, we can say that the engineers of the 70s of the German company ZF created a truly reliable unit. It is highly durable and is able to "pass" hundreds of thousands of kilometers without significant breakdowns.

ZF 3HP22 Transmission Overhaul Manual Download


The 4-speed automatic transmission ZF 4HP14 has been produced since 1983 and has already experienced a couple of updates during this time. They put it mainly on compact and inexpensive models. The transmission is designed for power units up to 2.0 liters or 180 Nm of torque.

Citroën BX, ZX, Xantia. Peugeot 205, 305, 309, 405.


The 4HP family also includes automatic transmissions: 4HP16, 4HP18, 4HP20, 4HP22 and 4HP24

What kind of oil to pour? ATF Dexron III or VI

How much oil to fill? 5.4 liters

Oil change every 60,000 km



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ZF 4HP14 Automatic Transmission Repair Manual Download

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