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Peugeot Partner Wiring diagrams

Peugeot Partner Diesel wiring diagram for the starting, charging and glow plugs systems
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Fuse Layout Peugeot Partner 2008-2018

Fuse box location.png
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Fuse Box Diagram Peugeot Partner (2008-2
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First impression. Minivan? It will be short. Crossover? Sits low. Just a wagon? Why is it so high then? In general, nothing is clear

In the cabin, there are 30 centimeters above your head, there are also some crossbars (for mountain skiing), the seat is set very high, visibility is like in a tractor, the pedals are almost horizontal (inconvenient at first, then you get used to it). In short, the car is one continuous contradiction


The main advantages of this car


1. Salon. As I already wrote, there is VERY much space above your head (in other cars you then feel squeezed), the rear passengers also have enough space + comfortable tables, a large and regular square trunk. Plenty of compartments for small change, underground stash and more. The transformation of the back row made it possible not to take the rear seats on a long journey, to triple the sleeping place (fortunately, the floor turns out to be even) and to sleep peacefully at full height (with a height of 183). Traveling and transportation of various property is the partner's forte

2. Engine. He is a turbo diesel and a turbo diesel in Peugeot. Despite the weak characteristics, the kid works for all the money, pulls from the bottom, pulls from the middle, and tries at the top too. In the cabin, by the way, it is very faintly audible. The gearbox ratios also allow you to feel comfortable in the city, on the highway at a speed of 120, thanks to the turbine, there was a margin for overtaking.

Consumption - about 8 liters in the City, on highway 6 at a speed of 110. Also, this engine wins in comparison with another option for this car, because. gasoline is very unreliable, pulls worse and eats more

3. Suspension. Hell. Rigid, weak, VERY loud, everything is very bad in the pits, plus it blows your ass if you get into a pit in a turn. But if you live in Moscow and St. Petersburg, then in principle for you the suspension of a partner will not cause so much trouble. Well, at least there was enough clearance.

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    Bob T (Tuesday, 12 December 2023 16:40)

    I have been seeking a radio wiring diagram for a Peugeot Partner 2008. I am trying to fit an after market single din radio CD player. I am unable to find a wiring diagram for the wires coming from the car's loom.