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 Volkswagen is a German automotive brand, one of many belonging to the Volkswagen AG concern. Under this brand in 2007, 5 million 20 thousand cars were sold. The headquarters are in Wolfsburg.

 There is also the Volkswagen Auto Museum.

In September 2015, the company was at the center of the scandal because of suspicions of underestimation of the level of emissions in laboratory tests by some diesel cars, which were also supplied to the USA and Europe. Broad discussion of the issue in the media negatively affected the company's capitalization. It turned out that the German automaker Volkswagen intentionally programmed diesel engines with a turbocharged and direct injection (TDI) to activate certain emissions only during laboratory testing to meet American standards, but in normal conditions, the amount of harmful gases released into the air, in particular nitrogen oxide (NOx ), exceeded the norm by 40 times.