Tesla Owner's Manual & Wiring Diagrams


What is special about the electric cars of Tesla Motors?

Today every authoritative brand stands out with its chips. And the electric cars Tesla have a lot of them.


And one of them is an "intelligent" air suspension, which itself can adjust the clearance between the car and the track. It is worth once to drive along the bumpy Russian road, and next time the car itself will regulate the ascent on the familiar pits.


In addition, the bottom of the electric car is protected from surprises by a 6 mm armored panel. And due to recuperative braking, the brake pads do not have to be changed at all. Never. However, like most auto parts, only 4 wheels and a pair of janitors are subject to replacement.

Ilon Mask did not create Tesla Motors

Yes, in the minds of many, his name is inseparable from the Tesla brand. But all because Mask is the main public face of the company.


Although initially the idea of the startup originated with Martin Eberhard. A talented engineer has long dreamed of a car with an economical expense, but for cars there was a complete layman. Yes, and modest savings hardly enough for a decent start.


Therefore, Martin turned to Ilona Mask for help and did not lose. At that time, Mask had already received its $ 165 million from the sale of PayPal and was eager to invest in an ambitious project. Tesla came at an opportune time.


Other co-founders of the company were Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google. And also a long-time partner of Eberhard Mark Tarponning.