Lifan Service and Repair Manuals

Owners Manual
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Keep this manual in your car and refer to it as necessary.

When selling a car, give this manual to the new owner along with the car.

This manual contains a description of the nomenclature of standard and optional equipment available for this particular vehicle model.

For this reason, this manual may refer to accessories and equipment that are not in your car.

All the technical and operational characteristics given in this manual are valid at the time of publication of the document.

The Company reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice.

Operation of the car

When buying a car, check the completeness of the technical documentation.

Read this manual before operating your vehicle.

Lifan Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Operating Instructions Lifan X60 from 2011. Controls and Devices Lifan X60 from 2011

Control elements and devices

1. Side deflector. 2. Left-hand stalk switch. 3. High-frequency dynamics. 4. Combination of instruments. 5. Left and right sun visors. 6. Right-hand stalk switch. 7. Central ventilating deflectors. 8. Alarm switch. 9. Interior rear-view mirror. 10. Glove box. 11. Audio system. 12. Cigar lighter. 13. Button unlocking the fifth door. 14. Selector lever. 15. Heated driver seat cushion (optional). 16. Parking brake lever. 17. Controlling the activation of the air conditioner and the temperature. 18. Accelerator pedal. 19. The brake pedal. 20. The clutch pedal. 21. The switch panel. 22. Control buttons for the power windows on the driver's side. 23. Multi-function instrument panel display. 24. Front lamp of interior lighting. 25. Light sensor (depending on configuration) / solar activity sensor (depending on configuration). 26. Control button for the right-front electric window. 27. Passenger seat heating switch (optional).


1. Tachometer. 2. Speedometer. 3. fuel level gauge. 4. Intermediate run counter. 5. The total mileage counter. 6. Coolant temperature gauge. 7. Reset button of the day run counter.


When the parking lights are on, you can adjust the backlight brightness of the instrument cluster, audio panel, switches, etc. with the backlight control.


1. The key blade ejecting button. 2. Locking button. 3. Unlock button. 4. Button unlocking the boot. 5. Indicator lamp.

For effective operation of the remote control, the distance to the vehicle should not be more than 15 m.

The remote control is an electronic device; The following precautions should be observed to avoid damaging it.

- Do not expose the remote controller to high temperatures, or place it on the instrument panel.

- Do not disassemble the remote control.

- Do not expose the remote control to impacts and drop it.

- Do not allow water to enter the remote control.

The following factors can cause remote control problems:

- a radio station or radio transmitter is located nearby (for example, at the airport), which create radio interference;

- the remote control battery is discharged - check the battery charge.

If the remote control is lost, immediately contact the Lifan service center to prevent theft of the vehicle.