Toyota Mark II Repair manual & Owners manual

Owners Manual
Toyota Mark II

The manual is intended for car owners Toyota Mark II, Chaser, Cresta (JZX100, JZX101, JZX105, GX100, LX100) equipped with gasoline engines 1G-FE (2.0 L), 1JZ-GE (2.5 L), 1JZ-GTE (2 , 5 liters with turbocharging), 2JZ-GE (3,0 l) and diesel engine 2L-TE (2,4 l) in various trim levels. It will be useful in learning the options and capabilities of cars. Not many owners know the purpose of all buttons and switches, how and under what conditions they should be used. The book lists: types and filling capacities of operating fluids, location and ratings of fuses and lamps, and much more.

Practical advice is given how to avoid breakdowns when operating a car, and if a failure has occurred, how to minimize damage.


The publication contains general information about the systems ABS, TRC, ETCS, VSC and SRS which can be equipped with a car and the possible precautions associated with them; the information on maintenance service of the car is resulted.

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Fuel Injection System (1G-FE, from 09.1996).

Location of the components of the electronic control system (1G-FE, with

09.1996). 1 - inlet air temperature sensor, 2 - commutator,

3 - the coil of ignition, 4 - the valve of a control system of frequency of rotation

idling, 5 - DLC3 connector, 6 - temperature sensor of exhaust

gases, 7 - the electronic control unit, 8 - the gauge of absolute pressure

in the intake manifold, 9 - fuel pump, 10 - position sensor

throttle заслонки, 11 - электропневмоклапан systems of catching

fuel vapor, 12 - diagnostic connector, 13 - detonation sensor,

14 - adsorber (fuel vapor accumulator), 15 - oh-

16 - nozzle, 17 - fuel pressure regulator,

18 - the distributor, 19 - the oxygen gauge, 20 - the relay of a fuel pump-

21, the main relay of the injection system, 22 - the fuse "EFI" (20A).