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The 4Runner SUV was put into serial production in 1984. The car was intended, first of all, for the American market (the version for Japan was called Hilux Surf). As a basis for creating the model was taken a pickup truck Hilux. In fact, the SUV differed from the pickup only with fiberglass "hood" and an additional row of seats, and in some configurations the car had only two seats.


The power range, initially consisting of only a 2.4-liter carburetor engine (100 hp), was supplemented in 1985 with the same engine, but already with a fuel injection system, to increase power to 116. A year later a turbocharged version appeared 2.4-th engine, and in 1988 on an off-road car the engine in volume V6 in volume of 3 liters has been established. Transmissions - mechanical or automatic, with four speeds.


In 1986, the chassis design was slightly modified: instead of a continuous Toyota 4Runner axle, it received an independent front suspension that improves comfort and handling.

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