Cadillac Escalade 2014-2019 Workshop Manual. EWD

On this page you can download for free in PDF format a detailed manual for the repair and maintenance of Cadillac Escalade 2014-2019. For convenience, the guide is divided into parts where you can choose the section you need. This page will help you repair the engine, transmission, attachments and electrical equipment. Diagnostics and troubleshooting, error codes, wiring diagrams, repair and workshop manual

General Information Download
2019 Owner’s Manual Download
Commonly Used Abbreviations Download
Abbreviations Emission Download
Common Specs & Procedures Download
Reminder Indicator (Reset Procedures) Download
DTC Index Download
Squeaks and Rattles Download
Trouble Shooting – Basic Procedures Download
Vehicle Diagnostic Information Download
Waterleaks Download

Maintenance and Lubrication Download
Engine Mechanical – 5.3L (L83) or 6.2L (L86) Download
Engine Heating and Cooling Download
Exhaust Download
Engine Controls and Fuel – 5.3L (L83) or 6.2L (L86) Download

Automatic Transmission – 6L80 (MYC) or 6L90 (MYD) Download
Shift Lock Control Download
Transfer Case – MP 3010 (NP0) Download
Transfer Case – MP 3023/3024 (NQH) Download
Transmission Cooling Download

Suspension General Diagnosis Download
Automatic Level Control Download
Electronic Suspension Control Download
Front Suspension Download
Rear Suspension Download
Tires and Wheels Download

Power Steering Download
Steering Linkage Download
Steering Wheel and Column Download
Front Drive Axle Download
Rear Drive Axle Download
Wheel Drive Shafts Download
Propeller Shaft Download

ABS – Non-Hybrid Less than 3900 kg (8600 lb) Download
ABS – Non-Hybrid Greater than/Equal to 3900 kg (8600 lb) Download
Disc Brakes Download
Hydraulic Brakes Download
Trailer Brake Controls Download

Active Noise Cancellation Download
Air/Wind Noise Download
Adjustable Pedals Download
Bolted Exterior Body Panels and Closures Download
Bumpers and Fascias Download
Cellular, Entertainment, and Navigation Download
Collision Repair Download
Cruise Control Download
Data Communications Download
Displays and Gauges Download
Exterior Trim Download
Fixed and Moveable Windows Download
Floor Coverings and Headlinings Download
Frame and Underbody Download
Horns Download
Immobilizer Download
Instrument Panel and Console Trim Download
Interior Trim and Paneling Download
Lighting Download
Luggage Rack and Roof Trim Download
Mirrors Download
Object Detection and Pedestrian Protection Download
Paint and Coatings Download
Plastic Panel Information and Repair Download
Power Seats Download
Programming and Setup Download
Remote Functions Download
Seat Hardware, Trim, and Upholstery Download
Seat Heating and Cooling Download
Secondary and Configurable Customer Controls Download
Sunroof Download
Theft Deterrent Download
Tire Pressure Monitoring Download
Vehicle Access Download
Wipers and Washers Download

HVAC – Automatic Download
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Download

Seat Belts Download
Supplemental Inflatable Restraints Download

Instrument Panel/Center Console Component Views Download
Component Locator Download
Engine Compartment Component Views Download
Power Outlets Download
Rear of Vehicle Component Views Download
Roof Component Views Download
Starting and Charging Download
Vehicle Underbody Component Views Download
Electrical Center Identification Views Download


Cadillac Escalade

Not so long ago, in November 2014, General Motors introduced a new version of the 4th generation Cadillac Escalade with a 6.2-liter engine. Cars of this concern are widespread in the vastness of our Motherland and are loved by adherents of Cadillac cars.


When you are going to buy a used Cadillac Escalade, you need to be aware of the weaknesses so that you do not end up with expensive repairs in the future. When you are going to buy a new car, you need to be aware of the typical faults and shortcomings of this model in order to make the right decision when buying.


Despite the fact that the Escalade is the flagship of reliability and beauty, like any other car, it has flaws that we will talk about today.

  • Despite the fact that a high-speed 6.2-liter engine is installed, not everyone knows that a lot of power is clamped by the factory settings and therefore, when you press the gas pedal, the car is thoughtful and does not immediately respond and may accelerate with a delay. When driving in traffic jams, sometimes there are shocks when switching the automatic transmission, this is also due to incorrect factory settings. This problem is easily solved by chip tuning the engine, or rather by updating its software and updating the software to a more adaptive version. The procedure is quick, not expensive and very effective – and at the same time, you can immediately remove the speed limiter, which, by the way, is set at 165 km / h from the factory on the Cadillac Escalade.
  • On cars with a mileage of more than 80,000 km, shocks sometimes appear when switching automatic transmissions and the reason for this in most cases is the failure of the engine mounts and front axle mounting brackets.
  • The weak point of the Cadillac Escalade is the air suspension and rear air shock absorbers.

Their frequent failure is due to the ingress of moisture into the rear pneumatic system and the rear shock absorber swap compressor.


This problem is easily solved by bringing the air intake to a moisture-proof place.

  • The front shock absorbers of the Magnetic Ride Control system are designed for approximately 100,000 km of run in the urban cycle, so when inspecting the car, we check for fogging on the front shock absorbers. If a leak is found, the shock absorbers are replaced.
  • The Cadillac Escalade is quite heavy and the brake system installed on the car cannot always cope with extreme braking, hence sometimes the brake discs overheat, especially if non-original pads are installed. The solution to this problem is to replace the standard brakes with reinforced ones.
  • All Cadillac Escalades are afraid of overheating and therefore it is necessary to ensure that the radiators of the air conditioner and engine cooling are not clogged with dirt. In case of contamination, it is necessary to wash the radiators with complete disassembly.
  • Once every 50,000-60,000 km, it is necessary to change the oil in the automatic transmission, transfer case, flush the injectors and replace the spark plugs.
  • Once every 60,000-80,000 km, change the oil in the front and rear axles of the vehicle.
  • The weak point is the shock absorbers of the trunk lid – they fail about once every two years. The heavy and massive rear door with glass is the reason for this. The shock absorber is not difficult to change and is always available in our warehouses.
  • If you bought a Cadillac Escalade 4 generation, we recommend installing a second battery, as one is not enough, especially if the car stood with the lights on or music was playing in the cabin – the car simply cannot be started.
  • One of the typical malfunctions of this brand is the leakage of automatic transmission and engine cooling pipes. This happens once every 2-3 years or 80,000-100,000 kilometers, depending on the operating conditions.

Despite all of the above, the Cadillac Escalade in a new body is a fairly reliable and comfortable car for everyday use, travel and even extreme off-road trips. Working for many years with cars of this brand, we have accumulated a lot of experience in servicing and a number of improvements that will help you use the car with great comfort.

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