Infiniti FX35/37 Repair Manual Wiring Diagram

Infiniti FX35/FX37 EX35/EX37 Service and Repair Manual, Owner’s Manual,  wiring diagrams, engine and transmission diagnostics, error codes, fuse locations. The procedure for changing the oil and filter, replacing the brake fluid and brake pads. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free.

Manual Infiniti FX35 PDF Download

2013 Infiniti Service Maintenance Guide Download

Navigation Wiring Diagram 2006
Navigation Wiring Diagram 2006
Wiring Diagrams for Infiniti FX35 2005 model
Wiring Diagrams for Infiniti FX35 2005 model
Infiniti OBD_OBD2 Error Codes.pdf
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Infiniti FX35/45 Workshop and Repair Manuals WIRING DIAGRAMS. FUSE BOX DIAGRAM

Infiniti EX35 2008 Service & Repair Manuals

Infiniti FX35

In the 80-90s, a wheelbarrow was considered an off-road vehicle, which could easily be driven on it for fishing, or used on the farm. But times changed, and at the beginning of the 2000s, jeeps began to be bought not for practical purposes. They were chosen for show-off: because of the design, high fit and safety.


It was at that time that the bloated Infiniti became popular in our country. The Japanese created the first FX35 for the American market, and motorists also fell in love with the car


Today, Infiniti still stands out on the road, but drivers are reluctant to take it. Over the past three months, the car has been checked 6,000 times. What is the reason? Maybe Infiniti is not as cool as it is believed, and a dummy is hiding behind a stylish wrapper? Let's try to understand all its problems in today's review.


The FX35 is based on the Nissan 350Z, so it combines bloat, brutality and sportiness. A huge grille, a humpbacked hood, large wheels and narrow front optics are the main highlights of the model. If the car has not been in an accident, the Infiniti body will live long and without corrosion. In most cases, the FX35's headlights are the first to suffer - they are prone to fogging. On the one hand, this is a factory marriage, on the other hand, it is an age-related sore.


When you get into the salon, you feel the luxury and high cost of the car. The seats are very comfortable, there is a lot of space for all passengers, Shumka is of high quality, there are enough options. There is Hi-Fi multimedia, a sunroof, various security systems, a rear-view camera, a display, an engine start button, climate control and much more.


The only thing — the interior is not entirely intuitive. There are many small buttons on the panel, and out of habit, you can search for a particular function for a long time.


The light ceilings at Infiniti get dirty over time and become dark gray - you have to spend money on dry cleaning.


The shortcomings, I would include a loud armrest. The reason - in the unsuccessful design of the rails and short-lived locks - the motor dies. A new motor will cost $ 400, but you should not buy an old one. It can last either a month or one day. Otherwise, everything is treated with plywood or broach.


Achilles heel FX35 - various blocks. They can be capricious out of the blue. For example, you arrived home in the evening, and in the morning the car no longer starts.


The trunk is designed for 775 liters of cargo. For a Jeep of this level, this volume is not enough.


The bulk of Infiniti was with 3.5 liter V6 engines of 280 hp. With. (VQ35de) and 4.5 L V8 320 hp. With. (VK45de). Both motors have been tested by time and hundreds of thousands of kilometers, so Nissan (Infiniti - Nissan's "daughter") did not invent anything, only slightly improved and put their engines in FX.


The FX 35 has only one 3.5 liter engine and only one transmission. The chain engine, with proper care, drives 400-500 thousand km without problems. However, I do not advise you to neglect the replacement of the timing. If you ignore the procedure, lay out a round sum for the capital of the motor. The bill will go to thousands of dollars, depending on the damage.


If you operate the Infiniti FX in the "pedal to the floor" mode, you will have to monitor the oil level in the internal combustion engine. Also, the engine does not like overheating. It leads not only to dynamic driving, but also to malfunctions of the temperature sensor. There were times when the sensor showed a mark of 90, and it was possible to fry eggs on the motor.

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