Ford Fiesta Workshop Manual

Ford Fiesta 2002-2016 Service repair and maintenance manual, oil and filter change procedure, wiring diagrams, circuit diagram,engine and transmission diagnostics, error codes, fuse locations. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format for free

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Common 5th Generation Ford Fiesta Problems

There are many. Paintwork, for example. It is somewhat naive to expect pristine virgin cleanliness from a 10-15-year-old car, but the Fiesta had chips, scuffs, and rotting long before this age. Specifically, you should start looking for corrosion from the vicinity of the number plate illumination on the trunk lid.


But, most likely, whichever copy you take, there will be traces of tint. This is rather normal: you have to plaster the Fiesta not only to cover up the traces of an accident, take it easy.


Suspension parts live for 80-120 thousand km. Ball bearings are slightly smaller (80 thousand km), CV joints and wheel bearings - a little longer (100 thousand km), shock absorbers and tie rods during normal operation reach up to 120 thousand km.

Spare parts and consumables against the background of modern cars cost ridiculous money


The condition of engines and transmissions is entirely dependent on the directness of the hands of the previous owner. As cared for, so everything will be.


The least hassle is able to deliver a basic aspirated 1.3 liter with a timing chain drive. From the service - replacing the chain every 200 thousand km, candles as needed and oil every 15 thousand km.


A 1.4-liter care unit needs more: a timing belt drive, valves without hydraulic lifters, that is, they require manual adjustment. It is better to do this no later than every 80 thousand kilometers, as well as change the belt.


1.6 liter engines have one, but a common weak point - a flimsy gas pump that lives no more than 70 thousand km.


As for transmissions, even seemingly problem-free mechanics are not so problem-free. The weak point is the leaking input shaft seal and axle shaft seal. The parts are cheap, but the replacement will cost much more: for it, you need to disassemble half of the car and “hang out” the engine with the box.


No crime was noticed for the automatic transmission. Everything is here, as always. The owner followed the box, changed the oil systematically, did not allow wear products to spread through the system - the box will live. I didn’t follow, I didn’t change - the list of possible problems tends to infinity, it will be possible to say more specifically only after a thorough check.

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