Chrysler Wiring Diagrams

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Battery recharging system

Engine start system


Electronic ignition system

Fuel Injection and Ignition System

Scheme of a chain of sound signals

Headlamp circuit diagram

Radiator fan motor

Heater circuit

Circuit air conditioning circuit

Stop lamps, direction indicators, alarms

Tail Lights

Starter circuit diagram


Engine management system

Start and charge system

Air conditioner and heater - including cooling fan

Headlight and fog light system

Alarm system

Windshield wiper

External lighting

Tail Lights

Interior lighting system

Electric windows

central locking

Cruise control system

Audio system

Battery charging system, start system

Engine management system


ABS Anti Blocking System

Air conditioning system

Lighting system

Cruise control

Electrical equipment of cars CHRYSLER Town & Country,                     DODGE Caravan, PLYMOUTH Voyager                              (models 1984 - 1995)

Electric equipment of CHRYSLER Neon, DODGE Neon and PLYMOUTH Neon (models 1995 - 1999)

In the early 1990s, Chrysler suffered losses due to the economic downturn, however, despite this, began construction of the Large Technology Center, as well as a new plant in Detroit. In addition, he enters the European market by setting up a car production in Austria.


In 1994, the company again made huge profits and launched a number of new models, including the Cirrus, named Car of the Year by Motor Trend, the Concorde midsize sedan, the huge LHS, the 300M, the Sebring luxury sports coupe and its convertible version.


In 1998, Chrysler and Daimler-Benz AG merged. In 2000, the PT Cruiser appears, styled retro. It was originally launched as a five-door hatchback, to which a two-door convertible was added in 2005. The open-top version was equipped with a "sports protection" system that allowed air flow over the rear seats, which helped to reduce draft for the rear passengers.

2001 saw the release of the fourth generation Voyager and Grand Voyager with a new 2.5-liter engine. Three years later, the Crossfire concept car appeared, which received an expressive design and a package of innovative technologies from DaimlerChrysler. It was warmly received by the public and outlined the main direction in which the brand will develop in the future.


2004 saw the introduction of the 300C with an innovative design including a long bonnet, short boot lid and a dramatic profile with powerful 18-inch wheels. The highlight of the model is the legendary HEMI engine with eight cylinders and 5.7 liters of volume. As a base, the Chrysler LX platform was used with some components of the Mercedes-Benz W210. This model was named "Best Luxury Car" in Canada in 2005.