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Elantra V generation was one of the best sellers of the Hyundai brand, but it turned out to be on the sidelines: it was overshadowed by the cheaper Accent, and the platform-based Kia Cerato sold better. Although the Elantra is a car that is interesting in its own way both inside and out. And also quite reliable. Although he also has some problems.


Oil consumption

The most popular 1.6 engine is a close relative of the unit that was installed (and is still installed) on the Hyundai Accent. Only due to the second phase shifter is it more powerful - 132 hp. The motor is generally reliable, but requires attention to the oil level: after 100 thousand km, its consumption may become too high.

First of all, carefully inspect the engine from above and below. A considerable part of the oil sometimes leaves the engine through the valve cover gasket or seals. Of course, you can just add it more often, but it’s better to change the rubber bands anyway - this engine does not like a low level, its resource is noticeably reduced.


Seizures in the cylinders

Every owner of a Kia Sportage or Hyundai ix35 with a two-liter gasoline engine has probably heard about this problem. But far fewer motorists know that the top Elantra V was equipped with, in fact, the same engine, only with a displacement reduced to 1.8 liters. And therefore, scratches on the walls of the cylinders are also characteristic of him.

When buying a used sedan, it is imperative to check the motor with an endoscope. And then carefully operate it - use only the recommended oil and change it in time. But the main thing is not to refuel at suspicious gas stations: low-quality gasoline destroys the catalyst, and its particles, getting into the cylinders, leave scuff marks.


Manual transmission

A manual gearbox, popular among Korean sedan owners, can last a long time and without problems if you operate the car in quiet modes, do not drag a heavy trailer behind it and make sure that oil does not leak out of the gearbox through any of the oil seals. But if you like fast driving, then by 100 thousand km the input shaft bearing, synchronizers and gears may wear out.

A new box assembly is an expensive thing, and it makes no sense to buy it. It's easier to find a used unit. Moreover, it was also put on Accent. Or you can repair the box: parts for it are also sold.

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