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Diesel engine 1.9 TDI.

Short description.

- 4-cylinder;

- 8 valves;

- pump-injectors or direct injection;

- with a turbocharger;

- designed for small, compact cars or belonging to the middle class.

This powerplant was not the first "TDI" on the market, but it was he who contributed to the fact that VW's diesel engines became known practically all over the world. It was first used in the Audi 80 B4 in 1991. The 90-strong version 1.9 TDI proved exemplary in its class. The car reached hundreds in less than 15 seconds and consumed about 5.5 liters per 100 km of track. In practice, it allowed to go 1200 km without refueling. An additional advantage was the lack of problems with starting at low temperatures (typical for engines with direct injection of fuel), as well as excellent reliability.


1.9 TDI was created based on 1.9 TD. The main differences: a new head and a power system. Direct injection of fuel with injection pump is a key element in increasing efficiency.


Soon there were versions of higher power - the most common 110-strong version. The engine went to the most popular models of the German concern: Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen.

The conclusion.

This is one of the best engines in the history of the automotive industry. It is economical, and in more powerful modifications - dynamic. Its main advantages are durability and inexpensive repair. Alternatively, it can be 2.0 TDI CR.