Cadillac SRX I Workshop manual Wiring diagrams

The 2004-2009 Cadillac SRX Repair and Maintenance Manual in PDF format describes in detail the repair and disassembly of engines, transmissions, and other components. Wiring diagrams, fault diagnosis, error codes list

Maintenance & Lubrication Download
Computer Relearn Procedures Download
Service Reminder Indicators Download

Engine Mechanical (Introduction) – 3.6L (LY7) Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) (Repair Instructions, 1 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) (Repair Instructions, 2 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) (Repair Instructions, 3 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) (Repair Instructions, 4 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 3.6L (LY7) (Repair Instructions, 5 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical (Introduction) – 4.6L (LH2) Download
Engine Mechanical – 4.6L (LH2) (Repair Instructions, 1 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 4.6L (LH2) (Repair Instructions, 2 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 4.6L (LH2) (Repair Instructions, 3 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 4.6L (LH2) (Repair Instructions, 4 Of 5) Download
Engine Mechanical – 4.6L (LH2) (Repair Instruction, 5 Of 5) Download
Engine Cooling Download
Engine Exhaust Download

Specifications & Drive Belt Routing – 3.6L Download
Specifications & Drive Belt Routing – 4.6L Download

Automatic Transmission – 5L50-E (Troubleshooting) Download
Automatic Transmission – Overhaul – 5L40-E/5L50-E Download

Disc Brakes Download
Antilock Brake System Download
Hydraulic Brakes Download
Park Brake Download

Propeller Shaft Download
Front Drive Axle Download
Rear Drive Axle Download
Transfer Case – Overhaul – BW 4476 Download
Wheel Drive Shafts Download

Electronic Suspension Control (ESC) Download
Automatic Level Control Download
Front Suspension Download
Rear Suspension Download

Power Steering System Download
Steering Wheel & Column Download
Variable Effort Steering Download

Cruise Control Download
Stationary Windows Download
Doors Download
Entertainment Download
Lighting Systems Download
Lighting Systems (Troubleshooting) Download
Exterior Trim Download
Interior Trim Download
Frame and Underbody Download
Garage Door Opener Download
Horns Download
Instrument Panel, Gages, & Console Download
Keyless Entry Download
Navigation System Download
Rear Parking Assist Download
Roof Download
Seats Download
Wipers/Washer Systems Download
Body Front End Download
Bumpers Download

SIR Download
HVAC Systems – Automatic Download
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Download
Passenger Compartment Air Filter Download

Component Locations Download
Fuses & Circuit Breakers Download


2008 Cadillac SRX Owner’s Manual Download



Automatic A/C Circuit Download
Auxiliary Blower Circuit Download
Compressor Circuit Download
Anti-lock Brakes Circuit Download
Anti-theft Circuit Download
Body Control Modules Circuit Download
Computer Data Lines Circuit Download
Cooling Fan Circuit Download
Cruise Control Circuit Download
Defoggers Circuit Download
Electronic Power Steering Circuit Download
Electronic Suspension Circuit Download
3.6L VIN 7, Engine Performance Circuit Download
4.6L VIN A, Engine Performance Circuit Download
Exterior Lamps Circuit Download
Trailer Tow Circuit Download
3.6L VIN 7, Backup Lamps Circuit Download
4.6L VIN A, Backup Lamps Circuit Download
Ground Distribution Circuit Download
Headlights Circuit Download
Horn Circuit Download

Instrument Cluster Circuit Download
Courtesy Lamps Circuit Download
Instrument Illumination Circuit Download
Adjustable Pedal Circuit Download
Memory Mirrors Circuit Download
Memory Seat Circuit Download
Navigation Circuit Download
Parking Assistant Circuit Download
Power Distribution Circuit Download
Power Door Locks Circuit Download
Automatic Day/Night Mirror Circuit Download
Power Mirrors Circuit Download
Front Power Seat Circuit Download
Heated Steering Wheel Circuit Download
Passengers Lumbar Circuit Download
Rear Power Seat Circuit Download
Power Top/Sunroof Circuit Download
Power Windows Circuit Download
Premium Radio Circuit, With Surround Amplifier, With RSE Download
Premium Radio Circuit, With Surround Amplifier, Without RSE Download
Premium Radio Circuit, Without Surround Amplifier Download
Satellite Radio Circuit Download
Ignition Lock Solenoid Circuit Download
Shift Interlock Circuit Download
Charging Circuit Download
Starting Circuit Download
Supplemental Restraints Circuit Download
3.6L VIN 7, Transmission Circuit Download
4.6L VIN A, Transmission Circuit Download
Liftgate Release Circuit Download
Warning Systems Circuit Download
Front Wipe/Washer and Jet Washer Heater Circuit Download
Headlamp Washer Circuit Download
Rear Wiper/Washer Circuit Download



Engines 3.6 V6 LY7

Belongs to the GM High Feature series. Its main problem is a complex timing drive with three chains, sprockets and six guides (tensioners and dampers). It has a very low resource: the chains (usually all, less often only the lower one) stretch already by 60–70 thousand kilometers. In any case, you need to change the timing drive assembly. In 2006, the chain drive was finalized, but this did not dramatically increase its resource.


In addition, in the timing of the LY7 engine, the phase shifters mounted on the camshafts are unreliable – there are four in total. Their rapid wear is usually due to poor oil quality or too long intervals between oil changes – it is recommended to reduce them to 10 thousand km. The rest of the 3.6 engine is quite reliable. It has an aluminum block, cast-iron liners, distributed injection, a piston group that is not prone to oil waste, as well as hydraulic compensators in the valve drive that do not require maintenance.


4.6 V8 LH2

From the Northstar family, which has been known since the early 90s. It is similar in design to the V6 – an aluminum block with cast-iron sleeves, a camshaft drive with three chains. However, the chains themselves are much more reliable, they serve 200 thousand km or more. This engine is prone to oil consumption – a small part of it burns out in the cylinders even with a working piston group, in addition, oil leaks through the pan gasket are frequent, and more rarely for the SRX, through the block head seals. All this requires attention to the oil level in the engine.


The weak point of the SRX with any engine, but especially its more powerful version, is an insufficiently powerful and unreliable cooling system. The temperature of the engine should be monitored especially carefully in the summer, due to the design features of the car, it can overheat. As a rule, regular cleaning and flushing of radiators – air conditioning, engine and automatic transmission helps to avoid this. Often, the cause of overheating is the “glitches” of electronics, which only electricians who are familiar with Cadillac cars can find and fix. In case of problems, it is better to contact a dealer or a service specializing in machines of this brand. Finally, water pump leaks do occur, so regular visual checks of the engine are also very important.




SRX was equipped only with an automatic transmission, two models – 5-speed paired with a V6 engine or 6-speed – with a V8.


GM 5L40E / 5L50 – 5-speed automatic transmission is not very reliable. Blocking the torque converter actively pollutes the oil, and the gearbox does not withstand operation on dirty oil for a long time. First, the rotary oil pump wears out, then the solenoids fail, and friction clutches and other gearbox components suffer due to insufficient oil pressure. Regular oil changes can significantly increase the life of the unit, but according to this indicator, the 5-speed gearbox is still inferior to its counterparts from Aisin or ZF.



GM 6L50 – 6-speed automatic transmission is technically similar to the GM 5L / 50, and in general the recommendations are the same: frequent oil changes and tracking oil leaks. In addition, this box has not very successful oil pump o-rings, which begin to leak oil, causing pressure to drop and the same malfunctions to occur. Fortunately, this problem is usually clearly noticeable to the driver: delays begin when the box is transferred to Drive, as well as jolts when switching from 2nd to 3rd gear.




In engine electronics, the weakest point is the mass air flow sensor (MAF). Often problems with it arise due to air leakage through leaky connections – for example, between the throttle block and the intake manifold.


The SRX has unreliable optics. The LEDs in the rear lights burn out – dealers changed them as an assembly, but in practice, the lights can be repaired. Headlights often lose their tightness and fog up, and burnouts of light bulbs are not uncommon. Xenon light was installed on the Cadillac, the original lamp costs more than $ 100, the non-original is half the price. And to replace it, you need to dismantle the bumper.



The problem may also be in the lamp ignition unit. The original unit is not sold as a separate part, it is integrated into the headlight along with the corrector and washer units!

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