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Subaru is an automotive brand of a large industrial concern Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Cars are by no means the only sphere of FHI activity; except for them, FHI deals with aviation equipment, railway transport, shipbuilding, etc. The history of the concern, thanks to which the brand Subaru appeared, began in 1917.

The real automotive debut of Subaru took place only in 1958. In the war-worn Japan, when there was not enough raw materials and fuel for engineering, the government adopted a law to encourage its own industry, according to which cars with a length of up to 360 cm and with a gasoline consumption of less than 3.4 liters per 100 km were practically tax-free. FHI was the first company to produce a Subaru 360 compliant vehicle. It was only 3 m long, equipped with a 2-cylinder two-stroke engine of 358 cc and 16 hp. In addition, it had a modern design using plastic and aluminum and an independent rear suspension. The engine was located behind. The car turned out to be very successful, in many respects overtook its competitors and allowed the FHI concern to gain a foothold in the automotive market, even though at first its sales were rather low - in the first year of production it was possible to realize only 604 units. But already in the following year, 1959, 5111 of these cars were produced, and two years later - more than 22 thousand. Subaru became the leading manufacturer of such cars in Japan, and 360 acquired new types of body - estate and coupe with a soft roof.