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Caterham Cars is a British manufacturer of sports cars and car sets based in Caterham (Surrey, England).


Since its inception and until 1973, Caterham Cars has been one of the main dealers of Lotus Cars (since 1967 Caterham Cars has become the exclusive distributor of Lotus Seven). In 1973, she transferred all rights to manufacture and sell models Lotus Seven.


The first car company - Caterham 7 - was an exact copy of Lotus Seven is not the fourth (the last at the time), and the third, the "classic" series. Caterham Cars Ltd is the only legitimate heir to Lotus Seven. The design of the car is constantly being improved.

In 1987, production was moved to Dartford (Kent, England). In Caterham left only the head office and a small show room.


In 2011, the company was acquired by the owner of the formula team Team Lotus Tony Fernandez, after which she joined the holding Caterham Group.


Since 2012, the team "Formula 1" Team Lotus began to perform in the championship under the name Caterham F1 Team.