Cadillac ESCALADE Service & Repair Manual

Fuse box in the cabin

1 Brake light switch, buzzer, CHMSL, alarm, stop lamp

2 Transfer case

3 Interior lighting, electrically adjustable mirrors

4 Instrument cluster, daytime running light relay, headlight switch, remote key identification system, low coolant level sensor, door light

5 Rear climate control unit

Cruise control

7 Additional socket

8 Crank

9 License plate lighting, side lights, taillights, front lamps in the bumper, fog lamp relay, light switch

10 Airbagseleven Windshield wiper and washer

12 Air conditioner, air conditioner relay, high speed heater relay

13 Amplifier, cigarette lighter, rear window, central locking relay, lumbar support

14 All-wheel drive indicator, instrument cluster, audio system lighting, buzzer, control unit, comfort control unit (front / rear)

15 Daytime running light relay, fog light relay

16 Direction indicators, reversing lamps, control system of the switching lock solenoid

17 Radio (ignition)

18 4WAL / VCM, ABS, cruise control

19 Radio (battery)

20 Transmission Selector (PRNDL), automatic transmission, speedometer, Check Gages, warning lamps,

21 Safety / Steering

22 Additional power, delay headlights

23 Rear window wiper and washer

24 Front axle, all-wheel drive indicator, TP2 relay

Central locking, power seats, keyless entry module

Glass lifts

Engine Fuse Block

ECM-B Fuel pump, PCM / VCM

RR DEFOG Heated rear window

IGN-E A / C compressor relay, hot fuel module, auxiliary fan coil

FUEL SOL Not used

GLOW PLUG Not used

Horn Sound signal, hood lamp

AUX FAN Additional fan

ECM-1 Injector, PCM / VCM

HTD ST-FR Heated front seats

A / C Air conditioning

HTD MIR Heated mirrors

ENG-1 Ignition lock, EGR, EVRV idle speed control solenoid, lambda probe, adsorber purge

HTD ST-RR Heated rear seats

AUX B Trailer


LIGHTING Headlamps, panel light switch, fog lights

BATT Battery, fuse box bus

IGN A Egnition lock

IGN B Egnition lock

Abs Abs

BLOWER High speed heater, rear heater

STOP/HAZ  Stop Lights

HEATED SEATS Heated seats

ESCALADE Owners Manual